Avocado Crema Gives Chicken Fajitas A Tangy Boost Of Creaminess

Fajita bowl with avocado crema
Fajita bowl with avocado crema - Julianne De Witt/Tasting Table

When you're looking for an easy weeknight dinner, look no further than Tasting Table's sheet-pan chicken fajitas dish, which is not only super simple but also has a special element that takes it to the next level: avocado crema. Recipe developer Julianne De Witt says, "[The crema is] so creamy with just the right hint of lime, salt, and seasonings."

Besides the avocado and lime, the crema consists of sour cream, garlic, Tajin, and water. Once blended, the result is a creamy and tangy sauce that will perfectly complement the smokiness of the chicken and veggies. The crema also has just the right amount of subtle spiciness thanks to the Tajin, which contains dried chiles. However, if you'd rather forgo the spiciness altogether, you can substitute the Tajin for just salt. Or, if you'd prefer the opposite and want the crema to be even more spicy, you can add a jalapeño (or another type of chile) into the mix before you blend it — just remember that jalapeños are spicier if you keep the seeds intact, so adjust accordingly.

The fajitas can either be served in a bowl (over rice or on its own) or in tortillas. If you serve it in a bowl, you can drizzle the crema over the top; if you serve it in a tortilla, spread the crema on the tortilla before adding the chicken and veggies.

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Avocado Crema Adds Fresh Flavor To A Range Of Dishes

Fajitas in tortilla with crema
Fajitas in tortilla with crema - Julianne De Witt/Tasting Table

The avocado crema is more than just a supplement to the fajitas dish — it can be paired with a number of other dishes. Similar to the fajitas served in tortillas, the avocado crema will work well on just about any taco dish — perhaps you can start with ground beef street tacos or beer-battered fish tacos. Or, for the vegetarians out there, it's also a delicious addition to pulled jackfruit tacos. You could also drizzle it over the top of a quesadilla or include it in your favorite type of burrito.

The avocado crema also works as a great dipping sauce for tortilla chips or even homemade fried plantains. Or, you could drizzle it over a bowl of esquites (Mexican street corn salad) for some extra creaminess.

The creamy sauce can even come in handy in the morning — it may just be the perfect addition to a plate of chilaquiles. You can either replace the salsa included in the recipe with the crema or simply combine the two — if you're not in the mood for the heat of the salsa, the avocado crema works as a great replacement.

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