Awkward scenes as Ben Affleck cracks ill-judged joke about Hollywood harassment

Ben Arnold

Failing to read the current mood, Ben Affleck dropped in a gag about the sex scandal consuming Hollywood during a chat with MTV, and it was pretty frostily received.

Our current Batman was with his fellow ‘Justice League’ stars in the interview, when the subject of bringing more superheroes into the fold came up.

He suggested Black Canary, adding that the comicbook movie scene could ‘use more women’. Fair enough, but sadly he kept on talking.

When magician character Zatanna was mentioned by Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg, Affleck chipped in: “[With] the fishnets, right?”

Fisher mumbles a bit, before trailing off awkwardly.

But then when asked ‘what you would get up to if you had Supergirl joining the team?’, Affleck continued: “Have you been following the news at all?”

A polite chuckle at the remark is followed by a quickening silence, as Fisher tries to gloss over it. Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa in particular don’t look all that amused.

It didn’t go unnoticed:

Affleck hasn’t come out unscathed from the recent accusations either, which makes his response even more cavalier.

TRL host Hilarie Burton was reminded on Twitter last month of the time that Affleck groped her on live TV, to which Affleck later tweeted to apologise.

Make-up artist Annamarie Tendler, the wife of comedian John Mulaney, also alleged that Affleck groped her at a Golden Globes party in 2014.

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