Axed Netflix show 'The OA' won't be getting a movie to wrap up loose ends

Ben Arnold
The OA (Credit: Netflix)
The OA (Credit: Netflix)

In news that could send superfans into an even deeper pit of despair, axed Netflix series The OA won't be getting the potential movie to wrap up the show's loose ends.

Sources close to the cult show's creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij told Variety that discussions had been had with regards to a feature length affair, seeing as the second season left so many plot points unresolved.

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But now such plans are off the table, and because Netflix owns the show, it won't be possible for another network to come in and scoop it up and finish it off.

It was hoped that the show would run over five season in all, but Netflix announced that it was cancelling plans for a third series earlier this summer.

The move has been accompanied by howls of outrage from ardent fans, some of whom are going to extreme lengths to try and get the streaming studio to change its mind.

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Earlier this week, a consortium of fans raised upwards of $5000 to take a digital billboard in New York's Times Square, pleading with Netflix to change its mind.

More radical still, among protestors outside Netflix's HQ in Los Angeles, one fan revealed that she'd been on hunger strike, while a petition to reinstate the show quickly gained more than 80,000 signatures.

Flashmobs have also popped up across the US, with fans performing the curious dance moves that were featured in season one.

The fantasy sci-fi series premiered in 2016, with a second season following earlier this year.

Marling also starred as the show's hero, Prairie Johnson, who appears in her hometown seven years after having gone missing, with Jason Isaacs and Emory Cohen also among the cast.

In a recent Instagram post, the writer and actress said that she’d been ‘moved deeply’ by the support for the show from fans.