Baby boy starts bawling when dad doesn’t pick him up as soon as he walks in the door

There’s nothing more melodramatic than a baby who’s not getting exactly what he wants.

When TikToker @itskelseyjordan’s husband was just a few seconds late to greet their son, the baby boy lost it. There’s no greater betrayal than being snubbed by dad! Fortunately, the little guy was pretty easily consolable.

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“When daddy doesn’t pick you up as soon as he walks in the door,” the video text read.

The father came inside and the baby boy, who was sitting on the floor, perked up instantly. The father walked past the infant to put his bag down. But that was enough to set him off.

The baby boy started bawling hysterically. Then dad walked a few feet over, picked him up, and he was instantly relieved. Almost like some of that was just for show!

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TikTokers were smitten by the little guy’s adorable reaction and clear bond with his daddy.

“My heart just broke in two, sweet boy loves his daddy! I love seeing that,” a person wrote.

“My son does the same thing!!! He gets upset when daddy doesn’t pick him up right away,” a TikToker replied.

“Awwwww, broke his little heart! Shame on you, daddy,” another joked.

“How dare he!” a user said.

“Aww, bad mommy and daddy. So cute, he let it be known: not acceptable,” someone added.

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