Baby girl has adorable reaction to her very first bite of crab

This adorable baby tried crab for the first time and—spoiler alert!—she loved it!

Charlotte Harper is a baby with an adventurous palate, whose parents run an Instagram account (@chareeharper) showcasing her hijinks. In an utterly adorable video, which was reshared by Lowcountry Restaurant in Chicago (@lowcountrychi), the baby’s parents showed the moment Charlotte tried a bite of crab for the first time. While many babies are picky eaters, Charlotte certainly isn’t.

In the sweet video, the baby waits excitedly to try her first ever bite of the shellfish, and has the sweetest reaction when she tastes it.

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The video begins with a shot of Charlotte sitting in a highchair at Lowcountry, a restaurant known for its seafood boils. The baby wears a white shirt with hearts on it and has her hair in pigtails. She stretches her arm out, reaching for a piece of crab that sits on a platter on the table.

The tiny baby’s arms aren’t long enough to reach the crab, but she continues to reach, trying to grab a piece of the delicious shellfish. After a moment, one of Charlotte’s parents picks up a crab leg for her and cracks it in half to remove the meat.

Charlotte begins waving her arms in the air in excitement, as her parent carefully pulls the crab meat out of the shell, and places the shell back onto the seafood platter.

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The parent breaks a small piece of meat off of the crab and holds it out to the excited baby. Charlotte stops waving her arms in the air just long enough to take a bite of the crab. Then, when she tastes the crab, she immediately begins waving again in excitement!

The video ends with Charlotte’s parents feeding her another small bite of crab meat, this time dipped in melted butter!

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable seafood-loving baby.

“She loves it. Mom [is] moving too slow for her,” one viewer commented.

“That little lady has good taste!” wrote another viewer.

“Aww, she loves it! Sweetest and most adorable girl! I want some too!” commented another Instagram user.

It looks like Charlotte’s parents have a future foodie on their hands!

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