Back to the Future cast set to reunite for a good cause thanks to Frozen 2's Josh Gad

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The cast of Back to the Future will reunite for a charitable cause thanks to Frozen 2's Josh Gad.

The actor recently launched his new web series Reunited Apart, with the premiere featuring the cast and creators of The Goonies. Now, he's revealed that the second episode will bring together the stars of the iconic time-travelling trilogy.

Gad took to his Instagram on Thursday (May 7) to make the announcement, with Lea Thompson, who played Marty McFly's mum, popping up in the video.

Photo credit: Josh Gad - Instagram

"My announcement video for next Monday’s #BackToTheFuture #ReunitedApart got Zoom bombed by someone is who is clearly not my mother. @ReunitedApart," Gad captioned the post.

While Lea will obviously be taking part in the reunion, Gad is currently keeping the other stars a secret. But we'd be seriously surprised not to see Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd get involved in the fun.

Photo credit: Christopher Lloyd - Instagram

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Every episode of Gad's Reunited Apart series highlights one of the many charitable organisations looking to help those most in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

This upcoming episode will be in aid of Project Hope, a global nonprofit charity that assists local healthcare workers in saving lives across the world. The Goonies episode helped to raise funds for The Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

It's not actually that long ago that some of the Back to the Future cast reunited, with Fox and Lloyd meeting up for a game of charity poker back in March.

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