Bafta and BFI launch measures to help tackle bullying

Alex Green, PA Entertainment Reporter
·1-min read

Bafta and the British Film Institute (BFI) have launched new measures to help tackle bullying, harassment and racism in the industry.

The bodies have developed an “action list” that sets out the responsibilities of employers in the film and TV sectors.

These included knowing your rights and responsibilities, ensuring you have proper policy and procedure in place and designating individuals in each team who can help deal with reports of bullying.

It also recommends ScreenSkills’ online training module on the issue as a means of educating employers and employees about best practice.

Research commissioned by The Film and TV Charity, published in February 2020 – which collected data on more than 9,000 workers, indicated 84% had experienced or witnessed bullying or harassment.

The charity has also simultaneously launched services for those who have experienced or witnessed bullying.

These include a bullying pathway service offering confidential legal, HR and mental health advice and an online service called Spot which can help record a confidential, private record of something experienced or witnessed online.

Tim Hunter, director of learning, policy and inclusion at Bafta, said: “The nature of our industries can make it more challenging to put in place policies and procedures which might be more achievable in other sectors.

“The Action List and accompanying training and resources suggest solutions for the kinds of workplaces common in the industries which we will continue to improve in the coming years.

“It’s so important that so many industry bodies are coming together with a united strategy to tackle this issue supporting both employers via the Action List, and workers via the fantastic services offered by The Film and TV Charity.

“Our shared aim is to create workplace cultures where everyone can contribute to the best of their abilities.”