BAFTA Explains Bob Hoskins In Memoriam 'Snub'


BAFTA has revealed why Bob Hoskins was not honoured during the ‘In Memoriam’ section of the BAFTA Film Awards 2015.

A BAFTA statement sent to Buzzfeed explains Hoskins was honoured by the British Academy during its TV awards last April, and that “BAFTA features individuals in televised obituaries only once.”

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Many expected the BAFTA-winning legend who died in April 2014 to be honoured in the montage tribute alongside Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, Mike Nichols, and Sir Richard Attenborough, but he was omitted along with comedy star Rik Mayall.


Above: Hoskins in Mona Lisa

They added: “As Bob died in April last year, just before the Television Awards, we felt it was right to remember his wonderful career then, rather than wait until last night’s Film Awards.”

Hoskins was BAFTA-nominated for TV show ‘Pennies In Heaven’ and was honoured by the Film Awards in 1987 for ‘Mona Lisa’, winning the Best Actor gong.

His name featured in the ‘In Memoriam’ section of the BAFTA Film Awards brochure, and can also be found on the BAFTA website’s obituary section.

Image credits: REX/Richard Young/Handmade Films