BAFTAs 2013: presenter Eddie Redmayne vomits backstage

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Green around the gills... Redmayne on BAFTA red carpet (Credit: PA)

Eddie Redmayne couldn’t hand out a BAFTA because he was vomiting backstage, according to co-presenter Sally Field.

“Eddie is backstage puking his guts out,” Field told the crowd. “If I turn grey, we’ll know what it is.”

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The ‘Les Miserables’ star was supposed to present the original screenplay award, but was backstage being sick after coming down with food poisoning.

He did make it down the red carpet before the ceremony outside the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, however.

Later on in the show, Anne Hathaway, picking up her Best Supporting Actress prize for ‘Les Miserables’, paid tribute to Redmayne. “Oh and Eddie! I’d be holding your hair back but, y’know, (gesturing to her award). Guess that shows what sort of friend I am... food poisoning is just the worst.”