Bailey from 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' is all grown up — and a stunning skin care guru

If you’re one of the many Americans falling for the lovable characters and sweet story of the Netflix original series Atypical, there might be one character in particular with whom you feel a familiar connection: Paige, played by Jenna Boyd. If you’re anything like us, you hold Boyd near and dear to your heart. Why? Because she had such a tearjerker of a role in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Jenna Boyd and Amber Tamblyn in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” (Photo: Everett Collection)

As a little memory jog, Boyd played Bailey, the little girl who glues herself to Tibby’s side and helps her make her supermarket movie before dying of leukemia.

Boyd was 12 when she filmed that movie, and she’s 24 now. She’s clearly still an actress, and she’s also our new skin care guru.


“I’ve worked on several different projects over the past couple of years [indie films, TV spots, etc.], but Atypical has been my favorite project in a long time,” Boyd tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I had so much fun with Paige, and it will be fun to see what Season 2 holds.”

The reason we haven’t seen tons of Boyd since she made her mark in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is because she made sure to take time for her education. “I never ‘took a break,’ but I did make it priority to go to college,” she says. “I went to Pepperdine and got a business degree, so there was a period of time where I had to decide which projects were worth me putting school on hold.”


She put her business degree to good use. In addition to acting, Boyd is also an independent consultant for skin care company Rodan + Fields. “I share the products and business opportunity with others, but I’m not employed by R+F,” she explained. “It’s my business that I get to build around my life and my priorities.” Sounds like the perfect gig for an actress. But that’s not the only reason she wanted to work for this company.

“I love this brand because I went through a serious battle with cystic acne in college, and after trying everything, Rodan + Fields was the only thing that worked for me,” the Los Angeles resident reveals. “I also took a hard look at the business opportunity, and the potential was something that I couldn’t ignore. I never wanted to put pressure on my acting career to provide for me financially, and so I’m incredibly thankful that I have a business of my own that I can work on and offset.” Boyd says working in this capacity has been really empowering because it allows her to create the life she wants regardless of anyone or anything else. “It means the world to me to be able to also empower others to do the same and personally help them grow their businesses. I just want people to know that they don’t have to sacrifice their dream for the status quo.”

Like any college student struggling with acne, Boyd said her skin became the only thing she noticed about herself. “I remember my agent and manager calling me saying that a casting director mentioned that my skin looked really rough. That was a terrible feeling,” she recalls.


That has completely changed, though. She frequently posts closeup selfies on Instagram displaying her clear and fresh face. “I’m grateful that I feel proud of my skin now, and I really underestimated how rewarding it would be to help other people who are struggling,” she shares. “Few things make me happier than my customers sending me their makeup-free selfies. I love being able to help someone find their confidence because I know what it feels like to walk through life self-conscious.”


“I’m really not [into makeup]! I have one or two products that I’m loyal to, but I don’t wear very much makeup at all,” she says, making clear that her glowing skin on her ‘gram is all natural. “It’s kind of funny … I’ve had my makeup done a few times recently, and they put foundation on me like they normally would. But when they left, I wiped it all off because I just don’t like it! Maybe it’s because I used to wear so much of it to cover up all my acne that I’m traumatized now.”


If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you’ll also see a lot of workout posts and notice her toned abs. “I am one of those people who gets really moody if I’m not exercising,” Boyd says. “I’ve been doing Pilates for years, and I absolutely love it. I also started boxing at Prevail Boxing about a year ago, and I became pretty obsessed. I am doing one or the other every single day.”


Oh, and since you’re obviously wondering (we were): No, she hasn’t seen the Sisterhood girls recently. “The last time I saw the girls was at the Sisterhood 2 premiere, and I remember Amber [Tibby] being so shocked at how ‘grown up’ I was,” she said.

That makes two of us.

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