These banh mi recipes from TikTok are anything but basic

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Banh mi is a classic Vietnamese sandwich made from a baguette split lengthwise and packed with savory meat and vegetables. Whether you’re a first-timer or a bona-fide banh mi fan, the sub is taking over TikTok with different recipes to fit your tastes and dietary needs. With recipes that include grilled pork and tofu, here are five banh mi options that are anything but basic!

1. Glazed grilled pork banh mi

This banh mi sandwich is made by marinating pork belly and loin with lemongrass and garlic sauce. Once the pork is cooked until well done, it’s placed in a toasted baguette with cilantro, sliced cucumbers and a generous amount of scallions. Top it off with some red jalapeños, and enjoy!

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2. Bulgogi and kimchi banh mi

TikToker and chef Mina’s (@sojuthinkyoucancook) banh mi recipe involves a thick layer of chili mayo on both sides of the baguette followed by bulgogi (Korean marinated grilled beef), pickled carrot, daikon radish and cilantro. The finished product is a succulent sandwich packed with flavor.

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3. Vegan banh mi

This easy vegan banh mi from TikToker and chef Vivian (@frondandframe) offers up sliced cucumber, vegan mayo, garlic powder, salt, jalapeños and tofu stuffed into a toasted baguette. For a final touch, she tops it off with cilantro and pickled daikon.

4. Pork ham and pâté banh mi

TikToker and chef Ang’s (@ang_cooks) recipe for banh mi involves toasting a baguette in an air fryer. Ang then adds a layer of pork liver pâté spread followed by pork ham, cilantro, umami seasoning sauce and a sprinkle of black pepper.

5. Ribeye steak banh mi

Meat lovers will definitely want to try this recipe from TikToker and chef Angiela (@angielaeats). She combines rib-eye marinated in a flavorful sauce with chili flakes, freshly pickled carrots, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeño and spicy mayo on a toasted baguette. With so many delicious ingredients, this sandwich will really hit the spot at lunchtime!

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