This NYC bar will kick you out if you speak like a Kardashian

A sign posted at a Manhattan dive bar says it will ban customers who say the word “literally,” a word frequently used by the Kardashians. (Photo: Getty Images)

In a world where it’s nearly impossible not to keep up with the Kardashians, a New York City bar is trying to become a sanctuary where patrons can enjoy a drink without hearing any Kardashian talk. It will literally kick you out if you use the word “literally.”

Continental bar in Manhattan put a notice on its window banning the word “literally.” The sign’s final sentence urges patrons to “Stop Kardashianism now.”

“Sorry but if you say the word ‘literally’ inside Continental you have 5 minutes to finish your drink and then you must leave,” the sign reads. “If you actually start a sentence with ‘I literally’ you must leave immediately!!!”

“This is the most overused, annoying word in the English language and we will not tolerate it. Stop Kardashianism now!” it reads.

The East Village dive bar is causing a controversy on social media, where many support the sign and others condemn it.

The Continental’s owner since 1991, Trigger Smith, is not unfamiliar with negative publicity. He has a strict dress-code policy that some have called racist for allegedly targeting minorities, a claim Smith refutes. In a lengthy statement on the bar’s website in response to these accusations, Smith wrote: “Anyone that knows me, my character and values knows that racism is anathema to everything that I stand for. I have fought racism, sexism and any other social injustices and ignorant, malicious behavior my entire life.”

In a recent interview with Grub Street, Smith admits the policy banning the word “literally” is tongue-in-cheek, but says he really does hate that word.

“It’s not just millennials. Now you hear newscasters using ‘literally’ every three minutes on the Sunday news shows,” Smith tells Grub Street. “What’s annoying is people aren’t even aware they’re saying it. How could you be so unaware of your words that it’s coming out every couple minutes?”

Addressing some of the accusations calling him sexist and misogynist for posting the sign, he said, “Anybody who knows me knows I’m a feminist who supports women’s rights and is 100 percent behind this whole ‘Me Too’ thing. I guess people will find an issue in anything.”

The bar is set to close this summer, amid two bankruptcies. The building space was sold to developers for new office space.

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