Barbra Streisand made Ellen switch seats with her just to show off her 'good side'

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s surprising that over 15 years, Ellen has never once had Barbra Streisand on as an in-studio guest. Less surprising is that for her first-ever appearance she’d make some diva-level demands: specifically to show only her “good side” to the camera.

Viewers tuning in would immediately notice something strange: Ellen DeGeneres seated in the left chair, the chair usually occupied by her guest. Next to her, in the right chair, was Barbra Streisand.

Ellen quickly cut to the chase: “Now, you’re sitting there because you prefer that side. And here’s the thing: I prefer that side too.”

And for a second, both of them joked about conducting the interview facing the same side, staring into a mirror so they could talk normally.

Jokes aside (pun intended), Streisand happily chimed in about the issue. She said, “I have two different sides to my face.” She then went on to explain how in her new Netflix special, Barbra: The Music … the Mem’ries … the Magic!, filming restraints forced her to mostly show off her bad side. She told Ellen, “Whatever we got, we got. The camera’s in the wrong place half the time, and it was just to be free and feel the response from the audience and play with them. And it is [mostly] on my wrong side.”

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