Barking mad: Woman risks her life running into freezing cold sea to rescue her dog

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

This is the alarming moment a woman risked her own life by running into ice-cold waters to rescue her dog.

The unidentified woman disappeared under water for several seconds as she struggled to save her pet, which was dragged out to sea in Brighton, East Sussex, on Sunday.

Powerful waves carried the woman back up the beach as the dog desperately tried to keep its head above water moments before another wave swept it back inshore.

The fully clothed woman finally managed to grab the bedraggled animal but she was hit by another wave before a bystander dragged the dog to safety.

The woman risked her life by running into the sea to rescue her dog (SWNS)
Waves crashed over the woman as she disappeared underneath the water for several seconds (SWNS)

Alessando Intini, 41, watched the rescue and caught it on camera.

He said: “She was very confident going into the water, but after the first wave she was in shock, I think she was very lucky to come out alive.”

Both the RNLI and coastguard have since said the woman was lucky to not have been killed during the daring rescue on the Brigton seafront, where the temperature was just seven degrees.


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Local coastguard Trevor Cutler said: “Please never attempt self rescue, with how powerful the sea is at the moment, it was particularly horrendous on that day and the undercurrents will take you off your feet like you can see in that video.

“The next wave will take you out to sea, that footage is alarming and the woman is very lucky.

“The dog pretty much made its way out of the water anyway because they are more buoyant, the person was in more trouble than the dog.”

The fully clothed woman managed to grab the dog before a bystander dragged it to safety (SWNS)

Jade Cohen, of the Brighton RNLI, added: “People can be tempted to go into the sea because they view their animal as part of the family.

“But in most of the experiences we see normally the dog finds its own way out, especially in this case the dog managed to get further up the beach than it’s owner.

“Obviously this woman has a love for her dog but it was a cold winter’s day and the waves were very high and it would have been better if she had called the RNLI rather than risk her own life.”