From Bart to Baby Maggie: Watch Nancy Cartwright run through all her 'Simpsons' voices

“Let’s see, do I still have a pulse?” Nancy Cartwright responded to Yahoo Movies during a Facebook Live interview when asked how long the show will go on. “I’ve still got another 20, 25 years in me. Seriously, I can totally do that.”

Cartwright, who is promoting the new autobiographical film she wrote and produced, In Search of Fellini, also said she couldn’t possibly choose a single favorite episode: “It’s like asking which kid I like better.”

The actress might be best known for voicing eternal 10-year-old rabble-rouser Bart, but she originally auditioned to play his precocious younger sister, Lisa.

The 59-year-old Ohio native does a host of other voices on the show: juvenile delinquents Nelson Muntz and Kearney; Chief Wiggum’s oddball son, Ralph; young neighbor (and son to Ned) Todd Flanders; the nerdy Database; and baby Maggie. And Cartwright treated us to each of the voices in the video above.

Season 29 of The Simpsons kicks off Oct. 1 on Fox. In Search of Fellini opens in theaters Sept. 15.

Watch our full Facebook Live interview with Nancy Cartwright: