Bartender steps in as TikTokers attempt to film an anti-drink spiking PSA: 'You could get in trouble'

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A group of TikTokers went viral after they attempted to film a drink-spiking prevention video at a bar.

The official TikTok of the safety accessory company invisaWear shared the following video depicting the situation, which raised eyebrows for a nearby bartender. There are three actors involved in the drink-spiking PSA: two women and a man.

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To set the scene, one woman sits alone at the bar, while the other is a few seats away, talking to the man. As the other man and woman are distracted by their conversation, the woman sitting alone adds a mysterious substance to the man’s drink. Though the three actors know this is a simulation, the bartender does not; she quickly steps in on the situation, unaware that the scenario is fake.

“What are you doing?” the bartender asked the group, suspicious of their activities. The three actors were visibly flustered.

“Sorry! We’re filming a video to spread awareness on drink spiking,” the actress (playing the drink spiker) replied. The group then explained that they work for a safety company, and the scenario was fake. The man even took a sip of his drink amid the tense confrontation.

The bartender was still skeptical of their intentions.

“Are you — is he spiking your drink?” the bartender asked the actors, mistaking the man to be the culprit rather than the woman.

“No, I’m pretending to,” the actress responded.

TikTokers were amazed by the bartender’s reaction, appreciating her dedication to keeping customers safe. Even though the drink spiking was fake, the bartender was still able to detect a situation that could potentially save someone’s life.

“Best bartender ever,” a TikToker responded.

“That’s an amazing bartender to watch and keep an eye on what’s going on while they’re working and serving people,” another said.

Other TikTokers criticized the co-workers for not informing the bar staff beforehand that they would be filming an anti-spiking PSA.

“U rlly should’ve told the bartender and staff abt the videoing first,” someone wrote.

“Should let them know beforehand, I feel [that] would be better… You could get in trouble,” another TikTok user said.

Despite the controversial setting of the video, invisaWear was thankful for the bartender’s willingness to respond to a potential incident and protect customers.

“Thank you to all the bartenders who are always keeping an eye out on their visitors,” invisaWear wrote in the video’s caption. “See something, say something.”

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