Batidos Are The Fruity Milkshake-Like Drinks You Have To Try

fruity blended drinks on a counter
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When you think of a milkshake, what do you imagine? For many people, the word brings to mind the tastes of old-fashioned vanilla or rich chocolate. For some regions and cuisine traditions, however, milkshakes take on entirely different flavor profiles using distinct ingredients that are local to the area in which they're made. One example of this is the batido, a mouthwatering, fruit-forward take on a milkshake that is definitely worth trying.

A batido, also known as a licuado in some dialects, is a very popular Latin American drink enjoyed everywhere from the Dominican Republic, to Cuba, to Mexico. The texture of a batido falls somewhere between the heavy creaminess of the milkshakes we are familiar with in the United States and the refreshing iciness of a smoothie. The drink's components are simple: fruit, ice, sugar, evaporated milk, and occasionally some additional flavorings, like vanilla -- though some people choose to exclude the milk. The resulting flavor varies greatly depending on what fruits are chosen for the batido, allowing you to tailor it to your individual preferences.

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How To Make A Batido

fruits in a blender
fruits in a blender - Jag_cz/Getty Images

Similar to making any other type of milkshake, the technique of creating a batido is extremely straightforward. Simply add all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until a smooth, silky texture is reached and the mixture appears to be fully incorporated. The ratio of the ingredients used can vary based on the flavor and consistency you enjoy, so feel free to play around with a recipe until you find a version of the drink that you like best.

Which fruits you choose to use in your batido also comes down to preference, as well as what produce is available to you. You can keep things simple with a plain banana batido, or combine fruits for more adventurous flavors, such as a mango and passionfruit batido. For inspiration, look to the areas that have mastered the batido and see which mixtures appeal most to you. You can go in search of new fruits that may be harder to find in North America, such as sapodilla or mamey, or stick with what you find at the grocery store. Creativity is key.

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