‘Batman’: 41 Most Memorable Quotes From the Superhero

“I’m Batman.”

Sure, that might be one of the most memorable quotes from the numerous feature films starring the Caped Crusader But what about the others, the ones that came during a key moment in the action or a pivotal point in the plot?

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Here, we’ve rounded up 41 of the most memorable lines of dialogue to be uttered on the big screen by Bruce Wayne or his alter ego.

We looked at 1966’s Batman: The Movie (starring Adam West), 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns (Michael Keaton), 1995’s Batman Forever (Val Kilmer), 1997’s Batman & Robin (George Clooney), 2005’s Batman Begins, 2008’s The Dark Knight and 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises (Christian Bale), 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ben Affleck) and 2022’s The Batman (Robert Pattinson) to pull some of the best.

Take a look at them below.


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