Batman V Superman: Extra Who Leaked Robin News May Face Massive $5m Fine

The extra on ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ who revealed Jena Malone’s casting as Robin may face a $5 million fine.

We should stress right away, there has not yet been any official confirmation that 29 year old actress Malone (who previously worked with Zack Snyder on ‘Sucker Punch’) has indeed been cast as Carrie Kelly, the female Robin introduced in Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’

However, since the reports that surfaced last week, the cat would seem to be out of the bag - and it seems the anonymous extra responsible for leaking the news to Detroit TV station WILX-10 news took a very big risk in doing so.

Extras are said to have signed strictly binding non-disclosure agreements, breach of which is punishable by a $5 million fine. (We think it’s fair to assume not too many extras make that kind of money…)

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Zack Snyder has professed from the very beginning that ‘Batman V Superman’ would draw heavily on ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’ The film was announced at San Diego Comic Con 2013 with a quote from the graphic novel.

Ben Affleck’s casting as a seasoned, world-weary Caped Crusader is also reflective of this - although, being in his 40s, Affleck is still a fair bit younger than the Bruce Wayne of ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ which is set in a dystopian future.

Jena Malone is also rather older than Carrie Kelly, aged 13 in the graphic novel - though this again could conceivably tie in with Batman coming out of retirement, as has been rumoured. 

Carrie Kelly is one of a number of Robins who have fought alongside Batman in the comics, following on from original Dick Grayson (who grew up to become Nightwing), and 1980s model Jason Todd (murdered by the Joker in the notorious ‘Death in the Family’ series).

From 1990, Tim Drake was the new Robin, and the role has subsequently been taken by his girlfriend Stephanie Brown (who later became the third Batgirl), and Bruce Wayne’s son Damian.

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Picture Credit: WENN, Warner Bros/DC