Batman V Superman: Zack Snyder Reveals The Batmobile... For Real

Ben Arnold

It appears that for director Zack Snyder the leaked pictures of the Batmobile from ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ lacked a certain finesse.

So with the cat now out of the bag, last night he tweeted a proper shot of Bruce Wayne’s ride… and it looks pretty mean.

“Here’s a real picture of the #Batmobile,” he wrote.

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Sure, the peripheral vision appears to have been compromised in favour of possibly excessive armour-cladding, but we’re sure it’s passed all the required DMV checks in order to be roadworthy.

There’s also what looks suspiciously like a gun turret on the front – as Batman ‘doesn’t do guns’, we’re hoping that’s some kind of grappling line launcher or some such. Unless Ben Affleck’s ageing and world-weary Dark Knight has finally capitulated to the gun lobby.

After unveiling the motor properly, Snyder, in a nod to the leak, later tweeted:

“Photo Credit @ClayEnos RT: iPhone photography is great but some things deserve more. (Nikon D800 ISO 500 24mm f/11 1/25th sec) Thanks Clay!”

Indeed, his picture is loads better to be fair.

You’ll see it riding into Gotham – and possibly Metropolis, which might mean nipping on the motorway or something – come May, 2016.

Image credit: Zack Snyder/Twitter

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