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Batman vs. Superman: Has Ben Affleck filmed his first scene?

Sensational rumour suggests Affleck has already started filming

After news that 'Batman vs. Superman' officially began filming over the weekend, it seems that Ben Affleck may have been there… and might even have filmed his first scenes.

That's right folks - while it was assumed that neither Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill were on location for the recent 'Batman vs. Superman' shoot, it seems that DC's newest Batman may have been there after all. But what on earth was Bruce Wayne doing at a college football game?

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In one of the most sensational reports to date, Collider explains that a crowd member at last weekend's 'Batman vs. Superman' shoot has revealed a rather shocking rumour… and it may mean that Ben Affleck has already filmed his first scenes.

"I was walking out to the restroom before the game," said their source. "I ran into this very nice man who knew one of the players that were the extras on the Gotham home team. He said that Ben Affleck was indeed there. How does he know this? Because the extra he knew filmed a scene with Affleck earlier that day in the locker rooms before the crowd started arriving. He said the scene was about Bruce Wayne giving a motivational speech to the team!"

Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt that their man on the scene may have been told this. But let's look at the facts - a rather dubious source (the mystery friend of the extra) told someone that Ben Affleck was there. Hardly the most concrete eye witness.

But could it be true?

It's certainly a possibility… but I can't help thinking it's probably a bit far-fetched. I mean, why would a billionaire playboy be giving a motivational speech to a college football team? What's that all about? And even if the story does include Bruce Wayne in that scenario, does he really have to shoot the scene on the same day that hundreds of extras and crowd members are hanging around?

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According to Jake Lester of Comic Book Therapy, it's been reported that Ben Affleck wasn't even in the same state… and was actually in St. Louis (on the other side of the country) while the 'Batman vs. Superman' shoot took place.

@elmayimbe The only thing I've seen is that he was in St. Louis at the time of the shoot for another movie. Not sure on the validity of that

- Jake Lester (@Jake_Lester) October 21, 2013

I get the feeling that this is probably one of those sensational rumours that gets started because someone was bragging that they'd been filming with Ben Affleck… and it probably got a bit out of hand. Either way, it looks as though we'll have to wait to find out. But I still think it's just not very likely.

What did you think of this sensational rumour? Did Ben Affleck film his first scenes at ECLA? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Ryan Leston is a comic book movie geek from Cardiff who can't wait to hear more about the rumoured Justice League movie. His favourite DC film is The Dark Knight and he was hugely impressed with Henry Cavill as Superman. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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