BBC Airs Robin Williams Family Guy Episode In “Freakishly Weird” Coincidence

In an eerie coincidence, BBC Three aired a Robin Williams-centric episode of ‘Family Guy’ featuring a suicide attempt, moments before news of the comic’s tragic death broke.

People who had watched the animated comedy before knowing he was dead took to Twitter to share the “freakishly weird” twist of fate.

"That’s freaky, bbc 3 have just shown the Robin Williams family guy and at the same moment he’s found dead” said one user.

"The news that Robin Williams dies comes out after BBC play a Family Guy episode centred around him. Coincidence or illuminati?” asked another.

"The episode ended just as the news broke about his death," a BBC spokesperson said.

"This was a repeat that we have shown a couple of times before so who could have planned that? It was scheduled more than two weeks ago so it is just an uncanny coincidence.

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"Some of our people who work here noticed that the death of Robin Williams was announced just as this episode ended.

"It was due to be repeated on Friday but we will not be showing it now.”

The ‘Family Guy’ episode ‘Fatman & Robin’ sees Peter Griffin imbued with the power to turn people into Robin Williams with a single touch. He turns everyone in the city into Robin Williams (or at least characters played by the famous actor), but he attempts suicide after the multiple clones become too much for him to handle.

‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane paid tribute to Williams on Twitter overnight posting: “The world just got a lot less funny. Robin Williams is a tragic loss.”

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