BBC announces first ‘Doctor Who’ season 11 trailer will air during World Cup final

Sam Ashurst

The World Cup final might not feature an England team made up of a majority of Yorkshiremen, but it will feature the world’s first Yorkshire Doctor in our latest look at the new series of Doctor Who.

The BBC have announced that the debut trailer for the Jodie Whittaker-led eleventh season of their flagship show will premiere during the major sporting event.

It’s as-yet unconfirmed whether this will be a specifically shot teaser trailer, or if it’ll feature footage from the series itself, but our money’s on the former. Especially as we don’t currently have a firm broadcast date.

Still, maybe we’ll get a date on Sunday – feels like a football match watched by millions will be the perfect place to announce it.

The Doctor’s been known to play a bit of football herself, of course – specifically in the Matt Smith episode ‘The Lodger.’

Which is appropriate – Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor is said to be most like Matt Smith’s incarnation.

Jodie’s co-star Mandip Gill – who plays companion Yasmin – compared her performance to Smith. “She has a similar energy to Matt Smith’s Doctor,” Gill said. “Very high energy. Jodie has that about her Doctor.”

Now, if only Jodie’s 13th Doctor could step inside the TARDIS and help Harry Kane and the gang beat Croatia so we could all have a perfect Sunday in the UK.

Rather sweetly, a Paris-based Doctor Who fan account jumped on the thread and asked the good Doctor for luck for France in the final.

While we’re sure the Doctor would want both teams to win, we’d like to wish the French ‘bon chance.’ and ‘Allons-y!’ anyway.

The Doctor Who season 11 trailer will broadcast on BBC One on Sunday 15 July, and we can’t wait!

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