BBC and ITV's plan for streaming service BritBox met with swift backlash

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ITV and BBC’s BritBox service. Photo: Screenshot
ITV and BBC’s BritBox service. Photo: Screenshot

Yesterday’s news that the BBC and ITV were joining forces to launch its own Netflix rival titled BritBox, has been received less well than the broadcasters may have hoped for.

Both companies released statements on Wednesday saying that they are in the final stages of talks to establish a strategic partnership on the new service. The platform, set to launch in the UK later this year, will host classic British boxsets and series, as well as new commissions created specially for the service. The monthly subscription charge has yet to be determined, but both parties said it would be “competitive.”

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Online critics have already slated the service for being “a rip off”, questioning why people would want to pay to watch shows and series that have already been aired, and paid for, by the licence fee. People have also taken issue with the name which might work in America, but sounds a bit cheesy over here.

BritBox, which already exists in the US, will coexist alongside the networks’ free streaming catch up services BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, and therein lies the rub for most people.

Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, stepped in to the comments to say it would be assessing BBC and ITV’s plan, as it wants to see the broadcasters keeping pace with global streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

There’s been confirmation of what shows will be coming to the service, but the promotional graphic showed ITV’s Victoria, alongside BBC’s Broadchurch and Les Miserables.

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Currently, the U.K. colour TV licence costs £150.50. That is due to rise to £154.50 on 1 April. A basic monthly Netflix subscription costs £5.99, while the HD subscription is £7.99 per month. Amazon Prime costs £79.00 a year or £7.99 a month.

BritBox is aiming to launch in the second half of 2019.

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