BBC promises 'unrivalled' Doctor Who secrets in official podcast

Russell T Davies wants to give Doctor Who fans 'unrivalled' access credit:Bang Showbiz
Russell T Davies wants to give Doctor Who fans 'unrivalled' access credit:Bang Showbiz

Russell T Davies has promised "unrivalled behind the scenes coverage" from 'The Official Doctor Who Podcast'.

The returning showrunner approached the broadcaster over the idea, which dropped its first 30-minute show after Saturday's (25.11.23) big return for the first of three 60th anniversary episodes starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

Following the first edition, Russell said in a statement: "No show is complete without its own podcast, and this is a chance for viewers to have their say!

"I’m proud to have this alongside our vast and unrivalled behind-the-scenes coverage.”

The panel discussion features author Juno Dawson, TikTok star and podcaster Tyrell Charles and cosplayer Christel Dee, as well as exclusive insights from Russell himself.

Each week, they will react to the latest episode and be "diving into upcoming theories".

BBC Studios’ digital content development director, Chris Allen, commented: "We were thrilled and honoured when Russell T Davies approached us to produce The Official Doctor Who Podcast.

“And we were even more excited when Juno, Tyrell and Christel all said yes to hosting.

"Publishing the podcast both in audio via all major podcast platforms, and in video on YouTube means we can reach Doctor Who viewers everywhere, and we hope you join in our conversation.”

Russell has already been revealing tidbits from the show, as he admitted he wanted The Meep twist in 'The Star Beast' - which starred Miriam Margolyes as the voice of the adorable looking creature - to come much earlier in the episode.

He said: "In draft one, it was practically straight away, or in Rose’s shed, as in the comic strip, he reveals himself a significant chunk earlier - before the chase, not after the chase.

"So in the very first script, it's like he'd be in Rose's shed and she'd say, 'I was making toys,' and things like that, and every time she turned her head... he'd look at camera and go, 'Soon I will feast on her blood!' which I thought was really funny.

"I was told, my bosses gave me notes, they said he revealed himself as a villain too soon."

The Official Doctor Who Podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms globally and BBC Sounds (UK only).

The video version can be found on