BBC staff in 'uproar' after canteen limits them to only six chips per serving

Victoria Bell
London, UK - outside the main entrance to the BBC's Broadcasting House building in central London.
London, UK - outside the main entrance to the BBC's Broadcasting House building in central London.

Staff at the BBC were said to be in "uproar" yesterday after the corporation's canteen servers were said to limiting portions to just six chips per plate.

Several bemused workers at the Broadcasting House in London shared their bemusement on social media of the newly imposed “six chip” rule for cooked meals.

Employees said that they could see kitchen staff individually "counting out chips".

Arif Ansari, head of news at the BBC Asian Network, shared a picture of his pitifully small serving on Twitter, writing: “New rules in the BBC canteen limit the number of chips to six.

“The staff seemed shocked that I didn’t go with the unlimited couscous instead.”

Dom Stirling, a freelance producer for BBC radio, said: "There is currently uproar in the canteen as the ‘6 chip rule’ is introduced… In which servers are instructed to individually count out 6 chips per person. I wish this was a joke."

The BBC denied any such rule had been introduced and tweeted a picture of a serving of fish and chips, which appeared to have ten chips, rather than the alleged "six chip" limit.

The official Twitter account for its press office wrote: "There’s something a little fishy about this as there is definitely no six-chip rule (see today’s lunch for evidence!) – we don’t want to get chippy about it but we’re frying to get to the bottom of it."

The spokesperson told the Telegraph that they were "not sure" where the "six-chip rule rumour came about.

Despite being presented with accounts from several members of staff, a spokeswoman insisted: “It’s not true. As far as I’m concerned, it is not the rule.”

“There is no six chip rule.”


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Meanwhile, Kit Bradshaw, a broadcast journalist at Sky, posted an image of fish and chips at the Sky studios canteen with what looks like a plentiful serving of chips with his fish.

He wrote: "Can confirm no 6 chip rule at Sky Studios. 🍟 #chipgate #lifeatsky."

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