'Being the Ricardos' sneak peek: 'I checked the box'

See Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball in this exclusive clip

Video transcript

- Fred C. Hunt, my grandfather, was a member of the party. This was in the early '30s. I was in my early '20s. He never used the word communist, but he cared about workers, the working man. He raised my little brother and me, and I wanted to please him, so I checked the box. Back then, it wasn't considered much worse than being a Republican.

- Have you been to a meeting?

- No.

- Never?

- No.

- You're at a cocktail party. Later you found out--

- No.

- Have you ever subscribed to a publication--

- My entire relationship with communism is 20 years ago. I checked a box.

- Why is this coming out now?

- The committee investigated her and cleared her. But then last week, William Wheeler convened a special session out here, a private session, called her again, and that's why we're sitting here.