'Belle' sneak peek: Creating Belle

An exclusive clip from Mamoru Hosoda's new animated film.

Video transcript


- Huh? Did it think I was Ruka? How do I cancel? [GASP]


Freckles? Hold on, is that me? Suzu means Belle, so, now what? Do I cancel or hit OK?

- Please put on your device. Reading biometric information. Initiating body-sharing technology. Syncing vision. You may now see you.

- [GASP]

- Now synchronizing your cognitive functions and registering sensations from your limbs. Please stand by as we transfer your physical senses and body control over to your AS.

- [GASP]

- Welcome to the world of you.

- [GASPING] (SINGING) La, la, la. La, la, la, la, la. Gales of song, guide me through the storm. (SPEAKING) Did I just sing? I can finally sing again?

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