Ben Affleck Is The Most Murderous Movie Batman

It’s official – Ben Affleck’s Batman is the most homicidal yet.

According to popular YouTuber Mr Sunday Movies, the recent ‘Batman V Superman’ featured a whopping 21 kills thanks to the Dark Knight… and there’s a video to prove it.

But does this make Ben Affleck the Darkest Knight?

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Of course, comic book fans have raised numerous issues about the recent ‘Batman V Superman’… but the most controversial was Batman’s disregard for his traditional ‘no-killing’ rule.

And this video really isn’t going to help.

Not counting the weirdly-placed ‘Knightmare’ sequence, Batman racks up an astonishing twenty-one kills throughout the movie. And that makes Ben Affleck the most homicidal of all our big screen Batmen.

In fact, the previous high was Michael Keaton’s 1989 ‘Batman’ where he managed a rather impressive 17 kills. And it seems that no-one’s got a patch on Ben Affleck.

But it’s not just the kill count that’s upset the fans.

Although Batman is often depicted as a dark and brooding hero, his personal quest against Superman in the recent DC movie seems rather unheroic… especially when you consider that the Batmobile sequence sees Batman murder swathes of thugs just so that he can acquire some Kryptonite in an attempt to murder Superman.


Not exactly following that ‘no-killing’ rule to the letter.

But will Batman’s murderous rampage continue?

There’s been plenty of rumours and speculation surrounding the upcoming ‘Justice League’ movie… and it sounds as though Bruce Wayne may have been convinced to exercise a little more restraint this time around.

But with the ‘Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition’ due out soon, he may have already increased his body count.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

‘Batman V Superman’ heads to DVD and Blu-ray on 1 August 2016.

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Picture Credit: Warner Bros.