Ben Affleck’s Batsuit from Batman V Superman revealed at Comic-Con

Batman’s new cape got its first proper public outing yesterday as San Diego’s annual Comic-Con lived up to its rep as the place for superhero movie reveals.

The full costume, as worn by Ben Affleck in Zack Snyder’s upcoming ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’, was shown in an enigmatic black-and-white still from the movie recently, but this time it was up close and personal for convention-goers.

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Look above and below at the photos from the good folks at SuperHeroHype. They have loads more high-res pics here.

The cape and cowl were on display as part of a DC Entertainment exhibition covering Batman movies down the ages. The Batsuits worn by the likes of Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney were also on display. described it as “very clearly black”, leather and with “a rough texture that made it look both elegant and rough. In short, it was just the kind of material a billionaire vigilante might pick out for himself.”

Much of the attention was lavished on the hood’s eyebrows, which look to be permanently angry. Kevin Smith, a film director and friend of Affleck, has said the Batsuit would be full of blues and greys, which may yet prove to be the case when the full suit is revealed.

For now, fans are comparing it with the one drawn by Frank Miller for ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ comics. Such a move would be in keeping with the outfits in Watchmen, director Snyder’s previous foray into superhero terrain.

For the rest, we’ll just have to wait and see – though hopefully not until 2016, when the movie finally hits the screens.

Photo credit: Bros.