Ben Affleck's Chin Dominates New Batman Photo

Here, fresh from San Diego Comic-Con, is the second official look Warner Bros/DC have given us of Ben Affleck as Batman in 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice'- and it’s a far more up close and personal one.

Unlike the earlier shot taken by director Zack Snyder himself, this new portrait from photographer Clay Enos is in full colour - as much as a man in a black cowl can ever be colourful. (One thing’s for sure - he doesn’t look any more cheerful here than he did in the first photo.)

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Still, rumour has it this Batman may boast slightly more colour than we’re used to. We might note this picture only shows Batman’s head - and the new Bat-suit on display at SDCC boasts only the cowl.

There have been claims (notably from Affleck’s old pal Kevin Smith) that the full suit features greys and blues, more in line with the classic look of the character in the comics. Whether these claims are true remains a mystery at this point.

Affleck may be recognisable by his prominent chin, which we might note is peppered with stubble - not that many of us were anticipating this would be full-beard Affleck, as seen in ‘Argo.’

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So, for those of us keeping score - that’s two official shots of Ben Affleck as Batman, one of Henry Cavill as Superman (plus a more informal shot of him in Clark Kent mode), but still no official photos of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Might there be a Wonder Woman shot on the way - or, dare we say it, a shot of the trio together? We wait with bated breath…

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