Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Coy Over Marvel's Doctor Strange

Ben Skipper

Benedict Cumberbatch can get engaged as much as he wants, nothing he does will get the internet into a tizz quite like him signing on to play Doctor Strange in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Long ago when the film was first revealed by its director Scott Derickson (it was officially announced last week) one of the first names brought up was that of Brit ‘Sherlock’ star Benedict Cumberbatch, but the focus soon turned to Joaquin Phoenix when it appeared he was Marvel’s number one choice.


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When talks with Phoenix ended unceremoniously the attention once again turned to Cumberbatch, who was described by the ever-reliable Deadline as being “in talks to play the doctor-turned-sorcerer-supreme.”

When Marvel officially announced the film last week there was no mention of the ‘Imitation Game’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ star, indicating that those talks were ongoing. However, IGN recently spoke to Cumberbatch and posed the question of Strange to him.

Asking whether he knew the character and whether he’d like to play him, Cumberbatch was deliberately coy and jokey in his response. “I don’t know, maybe, maybe,” he said taking a drink of water. “I know a little about Doctor Strange.”

It’s something you have to listen to yourself to really get the sense of. IGN themselves also theorise about his answer, with interviewer Chris Tilly saying that he joked with Cumberbatch about it after the cameras stopped rolling.


It seems clear then that the actor is completely aware of the Marvel character and that he has been talking to Marvel.

Ever-the-professional, Cumberbatch isn’t likely to let the cat out the bag any time soon, but his answer indicates that the role is certainly on the cards. The manner of his coyness also suggests that talks are going well.

Doctor Strange will be the second of nine Phase Three films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will be released on October 28 2016.

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Picture credits: Marvel Comics / WENN