Benedict Cumberbatch scolds journo for asking "silly questions"

Tom Butler
Senior Editor
Benedict 'Dragon face' Cumberbatch (Credit: Warner Bros/Flickr/Tolkienerd)

Benedict Cumberbatch is clearly not a man who suffers fools gladly as Yahoo Movies found out when interviewing the star for 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug', in which he appears as the titular dragon.

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The foreign press writer asked Cumberbatch at the group interview why he keeps playing psychopaths citing Smaug and TV detective Sherlock, before the actor interjected angrily quoting the TV show, "Sherlock is not a psychopath. He's a sociopath. Do your research, as he would say."

The journalist, not wanting to give up the line of question asked again, "But why would you play a character like this again?" which just seemed to irk the star even more...

"Well, it's obviously because I'm a f*****g arsehole," he retorted, half-joking, "No, I'm an actor, it's great fun to play bad. It's great fun to play good too."

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"I've got a lot of films coming up where I'm not a sociopath or a psychopath - 'August: Osage County' or '12 Years a Slave.'"

"Ask my bosses what they see in me that can be psychotic, or just keep asking me silly questions and get no answers."

We'll have more from Benedict Cumberbatch talking 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug', out Friday, coming later this week.

Check out the trailer for Peter Jackson's latest foray into Middle Earth below...