Benedict Wong reveals the Marvel star he'd love to appear with

Benedict Wong has revealed he'd love to share more screen time with Jacob Batalon in future Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

The 50-year-old British actor returns as Sorcerer Supreme Wong in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but he's keen to possibly chalk up a solo outing for the character.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in in IMAX and cinemas from 5 May.

Video transcript

TOM BEASLEY: I wanted to ask because, obviously, there's yourself and Benedict. And then you now have another magic wielder in the equation with Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda. Is there a rivalry between you as actors over who looks the coolest when you're doing the magic scenes?

BENEDICT WONG: No. You know, I think everybody has their own special brand of magic, you know? Yeah, I think everyone's got their own kind of sorcery or wave teacher, you know. Mine's a mixture of my kind of kung fu school days, you know?

I think I first developed it in "Infinity War." So I was doing this. And I kept telling the VFX guy, like, I'm doing it now. I'm doing it now. And so it's amazing. You know, you always got to buy him a drink.

TOM BEASLEY: I think we all want to see a Wong solo series or movie. Is that something that you think is on the cards?

BENEDICT WONG: 68. Thank you.


BENEDICT WONG: Thank you so much. I would love that. You know, I like the idea of-- I was talking to Ned-- his name has just escaped me-- from "No Way Home." Jacob. And he can now open a portal. And I said, we should do the sorcerer and the apprentice. So, you know, who knows?

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