The best adult jokes in Pixar films

Mike P Williams
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The best adult jokes in Pixar films

Grem and Acer in Pixar's Cars 2.

Whilst many would proclaim Pixar and animation to equate to kids entertainment, it's much more than that. Such a basic generalisation would be naive, especially in today's cinematic market. Animation, it would seem, is leaning towards a hugely diverse and broad audience. Wide appeal is imperative to getting bums on seats, which naturally means studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks and Aardman will strengthen and therefore be able to create more of what people like.

The attractive aspect regarding Pixar and their movies is that they appeal on an innocent, child-like level with bright colours, wacky characters and engaging fun. The same can apply to anyone over the age of 18, too, although there is a transcendence as the humour goes over the heads of littleuns and directly targets the adults.

Below is a selection of the best adult jokes Pixar has to offer.

5. Cars 2

The moment sees a simple exchange that no child will understand, but will probably laugh at regardless.

Grem: Hey, Professor Z! This is one of those British spies we told you about.

Acer: Yeah, this one was caught sticking his bumper where it didn't belong.

This one will be pretty obvious to most adults, as a brief exchange between Grem and Acer cheekily nods to the promiscuity of iconic Brit, James Bond.

4. Finding Nemo

Whilst confined to the fish tank of the Sidney-based dental surgery, Gurgle professes, "Don't you people realise we are swimming in our own --" before being swiftly cut off by Peach, who utters, "Shhh! Here he comes!" The sentences merge in rather amusing fashion.

3. Toy Story

In a moment when Woody and Bo find themselves alone together, she boldly hooks her staff around his neck and pulls him in, uttering the words, "Waddaya say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?" Woody doesn't know what to do with himself, but retorts with a giggly, "Hell, yeah!" as we all know what she's after.

2. Monsters, Inc.

In one scene, Mike and Sulley find themselves trapped in a blizzard and are saved by a Yeti (a.k.a. The Abominable Snowman) who invites them to take shelter in his cave/home. Once settled, he offers them a snow cone. The only problem is that they're yellow, which implies they're made from urine. Mike instantly clocks onto this and gives a disapproving stare. After a brief pause, the Yeti then claims them to be lemon flavour.

1. Toy Story 2

For me, this is the most memorable adult joke I've seen from Pixar to date.

Right at the end of the film in Andy's room there's a moment where Buster needs to relieve himself. Quick as a flash, and to Buzz's obvious approval, Jessie impressively opens the bedroom door by quite literally springing into action. The shot after this act is on Buzz's wide-eyed expression as his wings spring up to, erm, erection attention.

Do you look out for the subtle (or not so subtle) adult jokes and references in Pixar films? Which are your personal favourite?