These are the best bandanas to accessorize outfit

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Self portrait of handsome young African man smiling and looking at camera while standing against grey background
Self portrait of handsome young African man smiling and looking at camera while standing against grey background

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Among the long list of fashion accessories to spruce up your look, a bandana is a classic piece. The name bandana has Hindi roots, meaning “to tie.” It’s such a cute, simple accessory you can easily tie around your head, neck or other parts of your body to create striking looks.

However, this little fashion accessory can be the toughest one to choose because of the abundance of colors and styles. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the highest-rated bandanas in 2022 and crafted a buyer’s guide to help you choose from the best.

Top Picks

Best overall: Levi’s Men’s Multi-Purpose Bandana

These bandanas from Levi’s come as a single piece, or as a set of two, three or six.

Each bandana is made of 100% high-quality cotton, making them super soft, light, absorbent and breathable.

The Levi’s bandanas measure 21.5 x 21.5 inches. Though they are ‌smaller than the standard size, the fabric is pre-shrunk so it won’t get any smaller during a cycle in the washing machine. They each feature an iconic paisley print with good hemming on the edges. You won’t notice any raveling or loose threads after multiple washes. This is the best overall bandana on this list because of its versatility with any outfit and high-quality fabric and design.


  • Soft and breathable

  • Available in various pack options


  • Smaller than standard adult bandanas

  • Require washing to soften the material

Best budget: Ceciaoaime 16-Piece Paisley Cowboy Bandanas

If you want a set of bandanas in assorted colors, these bandanas from Ceciaoaime are the right choice for you.

It comes as a set of 16 bandanas, each featuring a different color to suit your styling needs. The pack comes at a very affordable price and features a vibrant paisley print on both sides.

Unlike the other options on this list, these bandanas are made of 100% polyester. They are extremely soft, get fewer wrinkles, and do not fade. The edges are finely stitched and there aren’t any visible fraying or loose threads. Each of these measures 22 × 22 inches, so you can easily style them in a variety of ways. Plus, the vast range of colors lets you find the perfect one for each of your outfits.


  • Set of assorted colors

  • Vibrant and beautiful print

  • Fine stitching


  • Not very absorbent

  • Somewhat slippery

Best value: Vamqor Fine Bandanas 10-Pack

Vamqor has another high-quality bandana set for you to check out.

This set comes with 10 bandanas in assorted colors, including camouflage, rainbow hue, basic assorted, or one solid color. Most of the bandanas in this collection feature a beautiful paisley print, but you can also purchase the camo, rainbow or U.S. flag print. These are perfect for paintball parties or summer cookouts. Plus, there is a tie-dye option as well to complete a trippy 70s throwback look.

This bandana set offers the best value not just for the quantity, but for the quality as well. Each bandana in this pack boasts high-quality 100% cotton construction. They are soft, absorbent, easy to care for and are extremely colorfast. You can wash them in the same cycle as white clothes without worrying about color bleeding.


  • High-quality cotton construction

  • Fabric is thick and soft

  • Does not fade or bleed


  • Camo color is more brown than green

Best design: Elephant Brand Bandanas

The Elephant Brand Bandanas also come as a set of 12 individual pieces.

The color range in this set is not as broad as the Vamqor one we reviewed above, but there are enough to serve most styling purposes. These bandanas are made of high-quality cotton. There are no synthetic fibers blended into its construction, so the end product is extremely soft and breathable.

These bandanas run an inch shorter than the standard size. At 21 inches both in length and width, these are great for arts and crafts projects and also for wearing around your neck or forehead. The material is highly suitable for year-round wear, keeping you cool in summers and warm during winters. The double-sided printing also improves the design of the bandana, as it can be worn any which way with the beautiful, flowery design always showing. With such a strong cotton construction, the bandana does not fade or lose color even after multiple washing and drying cycles.


  • Meet your consistent styling needs

  • Finely sewn edges ensure durability

  • Soft and high-quality fabric


  • Smaller than standard size

  • Material is thin

Best tie dye option: Boao Store Tie Dye Bandanas

If you want a colorful bandana to add a splash of color to your outfits, the Boao Store Tie Dye Bandanas are a solid option for you to consider.

These bandanas also come in a set of 12, but each of these features a gradient color in various tie-dye patterns. All the colors are bright and topped with the iconic paisley print on both sides.

The material used in its construction is extremely durable. It has a slight stretch but does not lose its shape even after hours of tight knotting. You might find it ‌stiff at first, but it softens after washing. The bandanas are standard-sized, measuring 22 × 22 inches, so anyone can easily incorporate these into their everyday style. The vivid colors are also suitable for special occasions, like picnics, camping, parties or music festivals.


  • Vivid colors

  • Airy fabric

  • Uniform edges


  • Stiff out of the box

  • Stitching can become loose

Finding the best bandana: A buyer’s guide

Bandanas may be simple, but they require careful thought and observation before buying. Here is a guide to help you pick the right one.

What to look for in a bandana

A bandana may be a small piece of fabric and thus a small part of your overall wardrobe, but you should still consider a few factors before purchasing one.


The most commonly used material for a bandana is cotton. Though they’re available in merino, silk, polyester and other synthetic blends, nothing can beat the comfort and breathability of cotton.

A high-quality cotton bandana is durable, easy to maintain, soft and extremely lightweight. But if you end up with a low-quality one, you may experience issues like skin irritation.


The standard size for adult bandanas is 22 × 22 inches. These dimensions are perfect for creating various looks no matter where you decide to tie it. It easily fits around most heads, necks and wrists.

But if your styling needs call for a larger bandana, look into getting a 27 × 27 inches option. These are great for when you want to style the bandana around your waist.

The bandanas for kids and pets also vary in size, so choose one accordingly.

Colors and patterns

While most of us have learned to associate a bandana with the iconic paisley design, it is not the only option available. These days, bandanas come in a vast variety of colors in both solids and patterns. In fact, you can also get themed bandanas featuring holidays and national flags.

The key to finding a suitable one for yourself is to identify what your styling requirements are. If you are pairing it with solid attire, a printed one will work wonders and vice versa.


This aspect matters when you want to use the bandana as a face mask. Doing so protects you from UV rays, mitigates the exposure to and spread of germs, and prevents fine dust particles from entering your nasal tract.

When choosing a bandana, make sure it is big enough to cover your nose and mouth simultaneously.

Some common uses of a bandana

A bandana is a versatile accessory. Here are some of the most common uses for bandanas:

  • A bandana easily doubles as a face mask, preventing dust and other allergens from making their way to your lungs.

  • It also doubles as a handkerchief that you can use to wipe away sweat and excess moisture.

  • It is also possible to style a bandana as a headband or a hair tie.

  • There are special bandana bibs available for babies that are both stylish and functional.

  • You can also get a pet bandana so that your furry friend can keep up with your style.

  • A bandana worn around the wrist works well as a wristband.

  • You can also use your bandana as a pocket square.

Stylish ways to wear a bandana

Bandanas are unisex accessories that work for both men and women. Here are some creative ways you can incorporate one into your look:

Cowboy necklace

Tying your bandana in a cowboy necklace is the classical way of wearing one. The style works for both sexes and helps maintain attention on the wearer’s face.

To create the traditional bandana look, fold the bandana diagonally into a triangle shape and tie the ends at the back of your neck.

Around the neck

Another unisex bandana style involves tying it around your neck. The look is one of the easiest to create and works for both formal and casual appearances.

Take a small bandana and fold it in half to make a triangle. Next, keep folding it over itself until it is a thin line. Now twist it, place it around your neck and tie the ends. You can keep the knot towards the front for a choker look or move the knot to the back for a more subtle appearance.

Around the head

You can achieve a modern and bolder look by tying a bandana around your head. Tie it at the top of your head for a headband-like look, or tie it around the head to recreate a more artistic aesthetic.

This look works with both neutral and vibrant-hued bandanas. Just lay it flat on a surface and fold it lengthwise multiple times to create a long rectangle. Place it around your head and secure the ends in a knot. For creating a headband, place the bandana at the back of your neck, pull the ends up over your ears and toward the forehead and tie a knot.

Hang from the waist

Hanging a subtle bandana around your waist instantly converts it into a statement accessory. It accents your outfit by adding a pop of color without standing out too much.

You can tuck it into your pocket, waistband, belt loop or belt, while leaving the ends out for a touch of color and style. If you have a long bandana, you can also try tying it around your waist.

People also asked

What fabric is best for bandanas?

The best fabric for a bandana is, of course, high-quality cotton which makes it soft, breathable and extremely absorbent. But you can also look into getting a silk, polyester or merino bandana.

Are bandanas available in different sizes?

Yes, bandanas are available in various sizes. A standard adult bandana measures around 22 inches on all sides. If you want a bigger option, look into getting a 27-inch bandana. The bandanas for children measure 18 inches, while the ones for pets are even smaller.

Is it okay to wear a bandana?

While bandanas have long been associated with cowboys and gangsters, today, anyone can wear one. It all comes down to how to style it. You can wear one around your neck, head, wrist or even your waist.

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