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7 expensive-looking cheese boards that will fool everyone into thinking you’re a fancy adult

Honestly, nothing feels more fancy and put together than a cheese board. When you pull out a cheese board and cover it in cheesy and meaty goodness for your guests or yourself, you’re basically saying that you’re done with Solo Cups for good.

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The thing is, to really make good use of a cheese or charcuterie display and not let everyone know you’re flailing in the real world, you need a perfect canvas. In my professional opinion, as a cheese and cured meats enthusiast (and fledgling adult), a bad serving platter can throw off the whole vibe. Your Solo Cups didn’t die for nothing — so at the very least, make sure your edible artistic vision is exactly that.

Enter the fancy cheese boards. More specifically, cheese boards that look way more expensive than they actually are because living a fancy life is expensive. From marble cheese boards to bamboo cheese boards with bowls, Amazon has a ton of good, affordable options. Peep the best cheese boards below!

This cheese board set comes with everything from ceramic bowls to cutlery and even a separate fruit tray. But the best part is low-key the magnetic holder for all of the little knives.

$36 at Amazon

When it comes to a cheese board and charcuterie display, sometimes all you really need is a sleek and simple round tray. This wood one comes with matching gold knives for a little extra spice.

$25 at Amazon

Whoever said that marble home decor looks fancy was absolutely correct. Like, just look at this marble cheese board.

$34 at Amazon

Yes, this is on the pricier end for cheese boards. However, this chic, dark wood cheese board is a 3-piece set that can be customized to match whatever setup you want. Use all three pieces for an XL oval cheese board (shown above), or separate them into round and square boards. It's basically like a modular couch.

$70 at Amazon

You guys, this cheese board has everything. It's super spacious for all of your favorite fixings and comes with four knives, two sauce bowls and one slate plate. It's an elegant cheesy sanctuary for the maximalists if you will.

$45 at Amazon

OK, this cheese board is actually super small. However, it doubles as a cheese slicer. Yes! A cheese slicer! So, like, you don't have to do double the dishes and can cut your gruyere with one hand. Genius.

$22 at Amazon

You don't even have to use these slate chalkboards for cheese parties, but why wouldn't you? The cheddar deserves its name on the marquee!

$31 at Amazon

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