The best cute pool floats for a fun-filled summer

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A beautiful girl in the pool on an inflatable donut is having fun on a hot summer day
A beautiful girl in the pool on an inflatable donut is having fun on a hot summer day

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There’s no better way to spend a summer day than floating across the crystal surface of a beautiful pool. Splashing around in a pool is fun, but nothing beats relaxing on a floating cushion of air, reading a book or sipping a cool drink.

But a pool party isn’t complete without some colorful pool floats drifting in the water! Pool floats come in a variety of styles, designs, colors, materials and extra features that can make picking one out feel like a chore. So we’ve compiled the perfect list of this year’s top pool floats that’s sure to have you soaking up the sun in no time.

Top Picks

Best overall: Jasonwell Giant Unicorn Pool Float

This giant unicorn pool float is the ideal backdrop for a poolside photoshoot.

It’s big enough to fit two adults or a group of kids, and its rainbow mane will brighten your mood every time it drifts around your pool this summer.

You don’t need to worry about wasting any time not chilling in the water, as inflating this massive unicorn is much easier than you think. Inside its matte finish, there are quick inflating and deflating valves, so you can use a hairdryer or a toy air pump for quick inflation. The premium raft-grade non-phthalate material also ensures long-term durability. The pool float’s large capacity, easy inflation and durability make it stand out as the best overall pick on our list.


  • Large capacity

  • Quick and easy to inflate

  • Premium raft-grade material ensures durability


  • Occasional deflating issues

Best colors: CoTa Inflatable Pool Float

CoTa’s large and elegant rose gold sparkling confetti float is perfect for a stylish solo trip down a lazy river.

It features bright and eye-catching colors, but it doesn’t sacrifice durability for style. This float is made with UV-resistant, raft-style PVC vinyl material. This keeps the colors from fading or cracking over time, and it allows you to bring it from one party to the next without worry.

Inflating the pool float is a breeze as well. You can easily inflate it with your mouth, a manual pump or an electric pump for the best possible performance. It also deflates easily and quickly making storing it a breeze.


  • An easy and quick valve system

  • UV resistance

  • Cute design


  • Some may find it a little bulky

Best features: Joyin Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float

The Joyin Inflatable Flamingo pool float is sure to add a splash of color to your pool party.

Because it’s large enough to accommodate up to two people, this float would look perfect in larger outdoor swimming pools. It’s made of a thicker raft material so it’s more robust and resistant to tearing, color fading and UV rays. It also includes five chambers to assure the safety of its users.

This tropical design features a vibrant pink flamingo with colorful feather wings and sparkling eyes. The headrest and two hand grips on the side of the tube ensure a rider’s safety while providing a comfortable experience. There’s also a handy cup holder for when happy hour rolls around! This inflatable pool float can be fun for both adults and children to use.


  • Large enough for two

  • Ideal for adults and children

  • Attractive design


  • A little difficult to blow up

Best quality: Baturu Multi-Purpose Pool Float

With an attractive and colorful camera-like design, Baturu’s elegant pool floats can add a vintage touch to any pool.

This pool float has an exterior diameter of 37.7 inches and an interior diameter of 16.5 inches, with room to fit one adult and even a small child. Thanks to the heat-processed PVC vinyl covering, the float is resistant to rips and punctures so it can last for seasons to come. This float can be used in several settings outside your everyday backyard pool, including at the beach, lake or river! A pump can quickly inflate this cute pool float in less than a minute, so you don’t have to wait around to enjoy your new pool toy.


  • Easy to inflate

  • Durable because of heat-processed PVC vinyl

  • Resistant to punctures and splits


  • Mostly a one-person float despite size

Easiest to deflate: Inflatables Giant Pool Float Donut

This inflatable large-size strawberry frosted donut from Inflatable Giant is spacious enough to give your arms and legs plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

This float is made of thick and robust premium vinyl, which is resistant to the sun’s rays, keeping the colors from fading. The bright colors and striking donut design will make anyone ready for some breakfast and a cool morning swim! It can easily accommodate two children or one adult because of its size, making it a fabulous choice for a family or group of friends. The float is ideal for vacations and travel since it includes air nozzles that have been extended to allow rapid deflation if you’re moving quickly from one activity to another. It’s the perfect float for hosting brunch by the water!


  • Great capacity

  • Vibrant colors

  • Rapid deflation technology


  • It takes a while to inflate

How to find a high-quality, cute pool float: A buying guide

In recent years, pool floats have grown to serve a wide range of purposes, making them ideal for everyone. They’re a must-have for a summer spent at the beach or pool. However, there is a wide selection of designs, sizes, colors and materials to choose from when you look for a pool float, making it difficult to decide which one is right for you.

To make sure you buy a pool float that checks all your boxes, there are a few factors ‌you should consider.

What to consider when purchasing a pool float

Comfort and breathability

Although the aim of a pool float is to provide relaxation, you’re unlikely to find much calm if the float you’re resting on is uncomfortable. To make your floating experience more enjoyable, seek small touches to enhance your overall experience. In contrast to typical PVC pool floats, certain types contain mesh panels that allow water to flow in and out of the float, keeping you cool as you relax in the sun. In other cases, the float has hidden seams that keep the surface of the float smooth rather than sharp.


To transport your float from one pool, lake or beach to another, you’ll want something lightweight and portable. Check to verify if you can easily use public transportation for the float you wish to buy. If so, is there a built-in handle or an accompanying storage bag? When it’s folded up, how small can it get? Make sure the float’s weight is accurate as well. Some floats are surprisingly heavy, even after you have deflated them.

Size and weight

Before purchasing a pool float, you should double-check the size and weight capacity. The last thing you want is to go through all the work of inflating a float, only to discover that it is the incorrect size for you or your pool. And you definitely don’t want a float to sink minutes after you have inflated it. Verify the product’s size specifications before purchasing it to ensure you’re getting the measurements you want. It will allow you to choose your preferred design confidently and prevent any surprises when the package arrives.

Food and beverages holder

A place to store your snacks is essential if you want to spend the entire day bobbing around on the water. Instead of traveling to dry ground to fetch some food, sit back and relax in a reclining pool float chair with a food and beverage storage compartment. You won’t have to lose a single second of your enjoyment replenishing and rehydrating your body.


Pool floats ‌come in two dominant styles. The simplest is a raft with a cushion part ‌that lays flat on the water’s surface to absorb the impact of you falling down onto it. Lie down on your stomach or back and you’ll be ready. Inflatable pool floats allow you to sit upright and enjoy drinks, books or even your phone while relaxing by the pool. Some have built-in drink containers, while others let you dangle your legs in the water.

Pump types

The two types of pumps are electric and manual. If you’re on a tight budget, opting for pool floats that don’t require an electric pump is a smart move. You will, however, save a lot of energy by using floats ‌you can inflate using an electric pump.

Special features

Many pool floats contain unique features such as cup containers, removable pillows, incorporated coolers and kid-friendly spray guns. These details aren’t necessary, but they’re certainly nice to have. So long as you’re already getting yourself a pool float, why not go all the way?

Safety for children

Find toys with two air chambers and safety valves if you want to buy a float for your family. These are more stable for providing better support in the water. A sun canopy also helps keep your loved ones cool and protected from harmful UV rays.

What is the difference between inflatable pool floats and foam pool floats?

Inflatable pool floats

Inflatable pool floats require air inflation before usage. Although they will never be as small as when you originally got them, you can compress inflatable pool floats when you remove the air. But using an inflatable pool float‌ has its downsides. For example, if you need to store or transport it, releasing and inflating the air can be annoying and tedious. It’s best to choose a robust inflatable that, if possible, includes a patch kit to avoid the risk of punctures.

Foam pool floats

Unlike inflatable floats, you do not need to inflate foam pool floats before use. Because of the foam’s ability to trap air, it is lighter than water and can float out of the box. It eliminates the setup time and the potential for punctures associated with traditional inflated floats, but the news is not all rosy. Larger foam floats may be a nuisance to keep throughout the winter because you can’t deflate them like a traditional pool float. There’s a lot less variation in foam, especially if you’re looking for anything on the larger end. They might be easier to use, but they probably won’t be as fun as inflatables.

People also asked

Q: How durable are the pool floats?

A: The vinyl structure of the pool floats makes them extremely long-lasting. They’ll last the swim season with typical ‌maintenance, use and storage.

Q: What’s the price range of pool floats?

A: Pool floats are reasonably priced. You can get them for as low as $15. Since pool floats come in a variety of colors, designs, sizes and materials, the price will depend on a lot of these factors.

Q: What is the best method for storing pool floats?

A: Clean your pool floats regularly to keep them in peak condition. Before putting the float away, make sure to thoroughly clean and deflate it. To keep your pool float safe, fold it up and put it in a container with a cover. Using these low-effort measures, you can protect your pool floats from dirt, mildew and sharp items.

Q: What kind of material is a pool float made of?

A: Most inflatable pool floats are made of polyvinyl chloride, a plastic polymer that has been softened by adding plasticizers like phthalates. This type of polyvinyl chloride is called PVC or vinyl.

Q: What if my inflatable floats develop a hole?

A: Inflatables are made of extremely durable PVC, ranging from 35 to 40 millimeters thick, which is significantly thicker than the usual float. You should not expect any holes with typical use, but since they can occur, ‌buy the ones that come with patches to fix them.

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