The best films on subscription-free TV: Saturday, 28 March

Robin Williams teaching a class in a scene from the film 'Dead Poets Society', 1989. (Photo by Touchstone Pictures/Getty Images)

Set your DVR & keep your family entertained all week with more movies than you can shake a hoarded stash of loo roll at today as TopFilmTip brings you the best non-subscription films on TV for Saturday, 28 March.

Teenage boys lives are forever changed under the inspirational tutelage of Robin Williams in Peter Weir’s classic bitter sweet drama Dead Poet's Society 2:05pm Sony Movies UK

Reluctant lion king returns to long lost family in witch doctoring, zebra spitting, rump shaking kids treat Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 3:30pm BBC1

Time-slipped boy awakens years after disappearing to inventive engaging alien adventure in mercurial mystery Flight Of The Navigator 3pm SyFy Channel

Daughter of neglectful cheese chomper aids bug eating boy's fiendish friends in delightfully dark, grotesque comedy curio The Boxtrolls 2:15pm Film4

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Stirring score & cinematography as Sly Stallone, Michael Caine & Pele team up for incongruously wonderful career interrupting gem Escape To Victory 4pm ITV4

Escape to Victory sees Bobby Moore and Pele teaming up with Michael Caine and Sly Stallone to take on Nazis. (Paramount)

Wise cowboy mends bodies & souls of broken family with delicate emotional coaxing & painful personal sacrifice The Horse Whisperer 4:35pm Sony Movies Channel

Flame headed & fiery souled archer set on forging her own fate must face consequences of her hubris in ursine adventure Brave 5:15pm BBC1

Relic robbing gadget freak Jackie Chan turns artifact preserver in full-body-skate-chasing, skydive-kungfu-ing gem Chinese Zodiac 7pm Sony Movies Channel

Lackluster Viking teen loner befriends wounded winged reptile & learns heretical truth in exhilarating fun How To Train Your Dragon 7:05pm E4

Foolish humans visit dinosaurs' island providing many meaty snacks for cunning, flying & giant-poo pooing lizards in Jurassic Park III 7:15pm ITV1

Failed father Tom Cruise & despondent kids flee tenacious tentacled tripods amidst civilian incinerating alien invasion War Of The Worlds 9pm Sky 1

Post apocalyptic gated communities, racism, flesh eating corpses & an anti-zombie tank form unflinching Romero allegory in Land Of The Dead 9pm Horror Channel

Troublesome boy & his mourning mother face wrath of grievous ghoul in charismatic, chilling, psychological creepfest as emotional allegory in The Babadook 9pm SyFy Channel

Broken by bombing, Bostonian boyfriend becomes focus of city's love but must mend emotional fractures & re-builds himself from inside out in empowering true story Stronger 9pm BBC2

CIA rookie chases, protects & bonds with a very dangerous, jaded criminal in spectacular character driven action drama Safe House 10pm ITV 1

Grieving virgin is targeted by film-quizzing, stab-happy Edvard Munch-inspired serial killer in 1990's teen meta horror Scream 11:05pm 5Star

Three men revive their raucous glory days in lube fighting, Will Ferrell streaking, orgy-avoiding cathartic comedy Old School 11:20pm BBC1

Neil Marshall directed the 2005 British horror film 'The Descent'.

Spelunking women face their differences & hordes of blood-thirsty, cave dwelling creatures in claustrophobic horror The Descent 11:20pm Film4

Loan dealing money-men spend eve of finial crisis ruining global economy for personal gain in intricate insight Margin Call 11:35pm BBC2

Mutual respect grows between an unlikely pair as a rancher ferries a criminal to a prison pick up point in top western remake 3:10 to Yuma 00:50 am Sony Movie Channel:

Enduring ostracised status at wedding, oddballs & outcasts bond in Breakfast Club-inspired, character-led feel good fun Table 19 2:15am Film4

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