The best films on TV: Friday, 17 April

Border, American Ultra, Sightseers.

Sharp neo-noirs, Nordic thrillers, brain-bending time travel paradoxes and feel-good musical fun all feature as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on UK TV: Friday, 17 April.

Bound by fate of the surrounding sea, two children befriend mysterious outcast and learn the secret that will save or ruin their rustic island community in When The Whales Came 8am Talking Pictures

Bullied boy and outcast girl find amity as they dream up an imaginary world in bittersweet tear-jerking wonder Bridge To Terabithia 1:35pm Sony Movies

Time-tripping berserker mentors morose mutant to prevent genocidal apocalypse in character arcing Marvel movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past 5:20pm Film4

Vapid high school socialite's shidduching reveals her naïveté as Jane Austen's Emma gets a 1990s makeover in erudite comedy Clueless 7pm Comedy Central

LOS ANGELES - JULY 21: The movie "Clueless", written and directed by Amy Heckerling. Seen here from left, Paul Rudd (as Josh) and Alicia Silverstone (as Cher Horowitz). Theatrical wide release, Friday, July 21, 1995. Screen capture. Paramount Pictures. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Stranded in backwater, Northern Territories tour group are stalked by colossal killer croc in character-led creature feature Rogue 8pm Horror Channel

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Denzel Washington bends space and time to prevent atrocity that already happened in Tony Scott's high concept Schrodinger’s Box riff Deja Vu 8pm Sony Movies

American actor Denzel Washington on the set of Deja Vu, directed by Tony Scott. (Photo by Touchtone Pictures/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Family man's single shot causes cascade of exhuming, body-blasting, vigilantism in obsidian-dark twisted neon-noir Cold In July 10:20pm BBC2

Using her uncanny ability to smell emotions, a facially-disfigured, socially isolated customs officer catches the wicked only to encounter another lost soul like her in Border 11:20pm Film4

Time-travelling detective para-doctors paradoxes to stop elusive bomber in high concept, cerebral sci-fi treat Predestination 10:30pm Sony Movies

While entertaining troops amid tumult of Vietnam war, aboriginal soul sisters find fame under Chris O’Dowd's guidance in The Sapphires 10:55pm BBC1

Self-unaware CIA spoon killer and doting girl friend bludgeon themselves free of assassin conspiracy in tooth-smashing off kilter fun American Ultra 11:10pm Channel 4

Wily bike courier Joseph Gordon-Levitt tears round New York evading crooks and cops in frenetic fixed-frame McGuffin-hunting fun Premium Rush 00:25am Sony Movies

Accidental dog murderess and angry ginger man bludgeon campers to death in one liner crammed charismatic killer comedy Sightseers 1:30am Film4

Obnoxious student Emily Blunt and car sharing stranger endure chilling night of ghostly assault when stranded and snowbound on Christmas Eve in frostbitten horror Wind Chill 1:30am Horror Channel

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