The best films on TV: Monday, 27 April

The top film picks for Monday 27 April. (Photo by Universal/Getty Images. AP photo. David Foster Productions/Getty Images)

Classic thrills, impending catastrophes, metaphysical westerns and stay-at-home-imaginary-holidays as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Monday 27 April.

Audrey Hepburn gets chased round Paris by men seeking her dead husbands ill-gotten gains in top Hitchcock-esque classic Charade 2:40pm Film 4

Brave reporter uncovers suspicious cost cutting & safety failures at nuclear power plant in prophetic thriller The China Syndrome 4:50pm Sony Movies Action

Sentient sentinel craves input, befriends beleaguered hippy and flees for it's life in endearing robotic adventure Short Circuit 4:55pm Film 4

British-Dutch actress Audrey Hepburn on the set of Charade, directed and produced by American Stanley Donen. (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Intricate international drone strike hinges on life of one child in nerve shredding real-time prescient moral quandary Eye in the Sky 6:55pm Film 4

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Mutual respect grows between an unlikely pair as a rancher ferries a criminal to a prison pick up point in top western 3:10 to Yuma 9pm Sony Movies

Steve Guttenberg standing in front of Ally Sheedy while she threatens him with a bat in a scene from the film 'Short Circuit', 1986. (Photo by David Foster Productions/Getty Images)

Explore the coalescence of art and wealth where paintings sell for multiple tens of millions of dollars among those who know the value of nothing and The Price of Everything 9pm BBC Four HD

Novelist’s telekinetic comatose cerebellum causes catastrophic chaos in cathedral crushing 1970’s Sci-Fi-Psycho-thriller classic The Medusa Touch 11pm Talking Pictures TV

Edward Norton must face his fears by pursuing an artistically inspired family murderer in serial killer prequel Red Dragon 11pm Channel 5

Lino Ventura and Jeremy Brett looking at Richard Burton's body in a scene from the film 'The Medusa Touch', 1978. (Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images)

Liam Neeson pursues the man who wronged him meeting mirages, thieves & mystics- metaphysical, philosophical western Seraphim Falls 11pm Sony Movies

Agoraphobic shut in loses himself in surreal cerebral holiday in eccentric comedy of toxic friends and failed fun Bunny and the Bull 1:15am Film 4

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