The best films on TV: Saturday, 11 April

Star Trek, Interstellar, Hook.

Unknown histories, far future battle of strategy, high brow artistic insights and emotive comedy gems unfurl as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Saturday, 11 April.

One-eyed story telling musical origami magician seeks parent’s legacy in breathtaking myth & mystery fantasy Kubo And The Two Strings 11:35am Film4

Arctic boffins defrost frozen vegetable, feed it's children blood & roast them alive in cold war sci fi John Carpenter inspiring classic The Thing From Another World 2pm Horror Channel

Workaholic dad rediscovers childhood adventure and zeal in Steven Spielberg’s swashbuckling insult-battling pirate fighting fun Hook 2:05pm Dave

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Marmalade munching ear-brushing self-taping furry catastrophe seeks London home in guffaw inducing immigration analogy Paddington 4pm Film4

Kate Capshaw says goodbye to Harrison Ford in a scene from the film 'Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom', 1984. (Photo by Paramount/Getty Images)

Anything goes as relic robber condescends to child slaving death cult in bug-feasting, mine cart mayhem Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom 5:25pm BBC1

Vapid high school socialite's shidduching reveals her naïveté as Jane Austen's Emma gets a 1990s makeover in erudite comedy Clueless 5:30pm Comedy Central

With ambition exceeding ability, indomitable outsider soars ‘til his ability meets his ambition in endearing true story Eddie The Eagle 5:50pm Film4

Teen zombie film makers witness spectacular derailment and alien escape in exceptional, emotive 1980s feel, cubic mystery gem Super 8 5:50pm E4

Rogues’ gallery of bitter badasses slaughter bloodless bad-guys for helpless homesteaders in bullet bathed fun The Magnificent Seven (2016) 8pm ITV4

Emotionally inept alien and compulsive fight-o-holic lead team of sexy experts against tattooed genocider in lens-flaring fun Star Trek 8pm Channel 4

Awkward foppish hunk falls for well-seasoned beauty in standard setting, endearing British comedy of intimate errors Four Weddings And A Funeral 8pm Film4

A lowly Indian clerk forms unlikely friendship with jaded and lonely monarch prompting meaningful cultural exchange and envious resentment of her inner circle Victoria And Abdul 8:15pm BBC2

Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep in a scene from the film 'The River Wild', 1994. (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)

Criminal duo Kevin Bacon and John C Reilly take a family hostage in riveting, survivalist white water thriller The River Wild 9:35pm ITV 1

Double dadded drifter uncovers his alien origins and scraps with serious supremacist in metropolis demolishing mega melee Man Of Steel 10pm Sky 1

Amid famine, family's fractious and transcendent love faces relativity for survival of humanity in mesmerising wonder Interstellar 10pm Sony Movie Channel

Accomplished actress contemplates return to the iconic play that made her career in understated powerhouse of unspoken emotional tensions and artistic insights Clouds Of Sils Maria 10pm BBC2

Catching the rays - Winstone in Jonathan Glazer's Sexy Beast (Film4)

Heists, gangsters and violence as Ray Winstone, Ian McShane and Sir Ben Kingsley plot sauna themed robbery in Brit-crime fun Sexy Beast 10:20pm Film4

Whilst minding talentless celebrity, former overweight dweeb Ryan Reynolds meets school crush in anarchic character comedy Just Friends 10:25pm 5 Star

Child-prodigy/tactical-genius trains to battle Xenocidal aliens’ onslaught in morally complex, cerebral and sublime imagining of strategic sci fi classic Ender’s Game 10:25pm Channel 4

Family gathering in remote manor is attacked by anonymous assailants in brain blending, skull busting synth scored grindhouse You’re Next 11:40pm Horror Channel

Young man struggles with his place in the world as two tribes go to war in cult British muso-youth culture classic Quadrophenia 00:05am Film4

Callow housewife and jaded BFF assert their womanhood in crime spree road-trip in iconic journey of self-discovery Thelma And Louise 00:25am 5Star

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