The best films on TV: Monday, 20 April

T2: Trainspotting, The Frighteners, Time Bandits.

A lesser-known British drama, a time-travelling fantasy and some long-awaited sequels are all on offer as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on UK TV for Monday, 20 April.

Ignored boy joins thriving band of smelly tree designing time travellers in Terry Gilliam's giant drugging, treasure plundering, dark comedy fantasy fable Time Bandits 11am Film4

In cloistered military world, two officers clash in psychological battle of intimidation and power play in Alec Guinness' Tunes Of Glory 4:55pm Sony Movies Action

Opportunistic thieves plot plan to rob millions from substandardly secured Boston bank. in William Friedkin's ludicrously true crime comedy The Brink’s Job 5:55pm Talking Pictures

Alec Guinness listens as Dennis Price talks to him in a scene from the film 'Tunes Of Glory', 1960. (Photo by United Artists/Getty Images)

An exorcism con artist gets in over his head on encountering malevolent force in Peter Jackson's charismatic comedy The Frighteners 9pm Horror Channel

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Ancient Arnie and inept underlings face criminal army in big gunning, muscle car ragging, bad guy blasting shoot-em-up The Last Stand 9pm Film4

Sly Stallone discovers best jogging song ever made, falls in love and pulverises frozen cattle in Oscar winning punch 'em up Rocky 10pm ITV4

Timid chap becomes axe-wielding gore-soaked deadite destroyer in wrist-chewing, flesh-possessing demonic blood bath The Evil Dead 11:10pm Horror Channel

Return of life-choosing friend-finagler prompts chaos of Orangemen, fraud, grievous grudges and reconciliation in T2: Trainspotting 11:10pm Film4

Framed by crime king, Leeds lad orchestrates master plan of poetic justice in innovative, phenomenal British heist treat The Rise 1:30am Film4

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