The best films to watch on TV today: Saturday, 15 August

Guardians of the Galaxy, Wind River, Drag Me To Hell.
Guardians of the Galaxy, Wind River, Drag Me To Hell.

Explore royal history, the Wild West, outer space or inner space as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Saturday, 15 August.

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Culture clash precipitates breathtaking forbidden love as English widow is tasked with educating royal children Anna and the King 11:00am Film4

Helen Mirren stars as Monarch suddenly despised by media and public alike before finding redemption in a metaphorical stag The Queen 11:35am ITV1

The Rock rescues gangster's son from Christopher Walken's jungle gold mine in toxic fruit feeding, rebel rousing fun The Rundown 12:40am Sony Movies

Taxman’s regimented routine existence chaotically coalesces into meaningful life amid enigmatic narration Stranger Than Fiction 2:45pm Sony Movies

American actor Burt Lancaster on the set of Lawman, directed by Michael Winner. (Photo by United Artists/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)
American actor Burt Lancaster on the set of Lawman, directed by Michael Winner. (Photo by United Artists/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Unwilling to compromise, duty bound sheriff hunts murderers to morally grey ground of obsession in deconstructionist western Lawman 3:55pm ITV4

Backpacking douche discovers monster's retreat, woos Dracula's daughter and throws killer party in Genndy Tartakovsky's Hotel Transylvania 4:10pm ITV2

Veg-obsessed, gadget-inventing duo eat gorgonzola, chase pests and save the day in Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit 4:30pm BBC One

Two troubled teens go on survivalist run in health and safety ignoring, character led, scout versus scout kitsch-em-up Moonrise Kingdom 5:00pm Sony Movies

Wry, rage fuelled relationship avoider incorporates accidental adoptee in transdimensional villain vamoosment The LEGO Batman Movie 5:55pm ITV2

Due to lack of most basic text messaging to warn the public, a malicious monkey proceeds to liquefy Americans’ internal organs Outbreak 7:25pm 5 Star

Hedgehog munching detective duo and gypsy woman hunt warmongering genius in anachronistic adventure Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 8:00pm ITV2

Dark, violent, charismatic sci-fi as a group of space faring travellers must survive an alien onslaught with murderer in their midst. Pitch Black 9:00pm SyFy

Numerically-challenged chap and big-eyed girl find friend-sex and flash mobs in atypical, quick-quipping comedy Friends With Benefits 9:00pm Comedy Central

After only five minutes in France Liam Neeson cracks precipitating a stabby, foreigner punching Shoot-A-Thon for justice in daughter fridging fun Taken 9:00pm Channel 4

Callow FBI investigator and laconic hunter assist tribal police in solving savage murder mystery amid snowbound mountains in sublime crime thriller Wind River 9:00pm Film 4

Sexy/schlubby self-proclaimed crime fighters battle beach corruption in wry, junk-trapped, tongue-in-cheek hilarity Baywatch 9:00pm E4

Bunch of A-Hole misfit miscreants chase infinity stone in over-literal, not-faking-laughing, Groot-grooving fun Guardians of the Galaxy 10:20pm BBC One

Bio-IT-integrated arms engineer and badass marines face robotic AI-onslaught in visually stunning frenetic ballistic fun Kill Command 10:45pm Horror Channel

Brad Pitt uses brain and brawn to beat Zeke in global pandemic surviving, unrelenting zoombie mountain massacring marvel World War Z 10:45pm Channel 4

Time travelling detective para-doctors paradoxes to stop elusive bomber in high concept, cerebral sci-fi treat Predestination 10:50pm Sony Movies

Insidious (Credit: Blumhouse)
Insidious (Credit: Blumhouse)

Astral projecting parents pursue comatose kid further from ceiling squatting crimson faced demon- haunted house horror Insidious 11:05pm 5 Star

Bank loaning lady incurs gypsy debter's curse in Sam Raimi's corpse juice swallowing, eyeball caking, gum gnawing horror Drag Me to Hell 11:10pm Film 4

As Germany invades Norway on eve of war, the ultimate decision to fight or capitulate rests with one man in detailed and deft period drama The King's Choice 00:00am BBC Two

Mel Brooks lays on the parody, penis humour and creepy comedy in hefty doses in reanimated treat Young Frankenstein 00:15am BBC One

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