The best films on TV today: Saturday, 18 July

Ben Dadds
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Jackie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Maps To The Stars.
Jackie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Maps To The Stars.

Choose from Oscar-winning movies, emotional roller coasters, high octane actioners and lowbrow comedies as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Saturday, 18 July.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Artificially intelligent military microchip-powered toys wreak miniature mayhem on small town for wayward boy and live-wire crush in Joe Dante’s Small Soldiers 1:50pm ITV1

Orphaned delinquent finds fortitude, friendship and self worth whilst facing his society shunning self-discipline demons in The Choir 2:45pm Film4

Helium toking pilot mounts sleepy weasel in myopic radar reading, jet fuelled BBQ-ing and sexy pizza eating slap-stick Hot Shots! 3:20pm Sony Movies

Richard Pryor and John Candy in a scene from the film 'Brewster's Millions', 1985. (Photo by Universal Pictures/Getty Images)
Richard Pryor and John Candy in a scene from the film 'Brewster's Millions', 1985. (Photo by Universal Pictures/Getty Images)

Tasked to waste $30M in 30 days, bar-brawling baseballer learns cost of wealth in endearing, cathartic comedy Brewster's Millions 4:30pm ITV4

Con artists attempt to defraud freakish family in grave-digging, booby-trapping, hand scampering gothic fun The Addams Family 4:45pm 5 Star

Rescue party rescuing, M&M knuckle dusting, broken hearted hero parodies action classics with chicken archery Hot Shots! Part Deux 5:05pm Sony Movies

Pure fairy forest protector turns to vengeful wrath only to realise folly of her fury in protagonist inverting fantasy Maleficent 5:15pm BBC One

Disney is charting a Flight of the Navigator reboot - Credit: Disney
Disney is charting a Flight of the Navigator reboot - Credit: Disney

Time-slipped boy awakens years after disappearing to inventive engaging alien adventure: mercurial mystery Flight of the Navigator 6:00pm SyFy

Bunker hunkering angry archer becomes primary propagandist in information war for freedom The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 6:40pm E4

Teenage time traveler breaks history, visits hoverboarding future / idealized past and dystopian present in flawless sequel Back to the Future Part II 6:45pm ITV2

80s odd couple comedy fun as Arnold Schwarzenegger two-wheels a car and Danny DeVito gets mixed up with small time crooks Twins 8:00pm ITV4

Weaponised Virus turns scientists into zombies causing petite survivor to rekill them all and crash crafty computer Resident Evil 9:00pm Horror Channel

Broken brother and vengeful vixen drop Jaeger bombs on creepy Kaiju in preposterously fun gargantuan robot punch fest Pacific Rim 9:00pm Sky 1

Replicant retiring replicant uncovers world-altering truth in identity questioning, ineffably breathtaking wonder Blade Runner 2049 9:00pm ITV2

Socially astute strong willed teen seduces emotionally abused hunk of dancing beefcake amid empowering sexual awakening / grind-a-thon Dirty Dancing 9:00pm 5 Star

Multibillion dollar corporation’s infernal frugality causes fossil fuelled inferno in astonishing true tale of bravery Deepwater Horizon 9:00pm Film4

Cascade of tragedies turn staunch enemies to uncommon allies in off kilter, award-winning character study Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 9:15pm Channel 4

Keira Knightley marries nobility but receives only heartache and exclusion from her adulterous husband in period melodrama The Duchess 9:15pm BBC Two

Quick drawing snake hunter rescues missionaries from mortar slaughtering Burmese general in lumpy chunky body blasting fun Rambo 10:00pm Dave

Adult orphans crash cars, fear nuns, eat toast/chicken, sing song for charity and somehow save the day in uber fun The Blues Brothers 10:10pm ITV4

Hollywood's emotionally disfigured burn in the depraved torment of own narcissism in intricate, allegorical drama Maps to the Stars 10:55pm BBC Two

Bristling Bride's burning fury drives seething frenetic vengeance in rock n roll limb lopping, anime flashbacking and samurai homage fest Kill Bill: Vol. 1 10:10pm SyFy

Young burgling trio become trapped in vengeful blind man’s house: intense angst-inducing grisly off-kilter thriller Don't Breathe 11:10pm Film4

Distraught, dignified grief-stricken widow organises murdered husband’s historical funeral in astonishing biopic tour de force Jackie 11:30pm Channel 4

Staff and teens at children's care home ride emotional rollercoaster of troubled youth in uplifting, authentic marvel Short Term 12 11:55pm BBC One

Bleeding, new hair in strange places and a lust for new illicit things in bluntly metaphorical teen girl werewolf film Ginger Snaps 00:35am Horror Channel

Dogged frontiersmen mount rescue of wife from cave dwelling troglodyte cannibals in gruesome gore splattered western Bone Tomahawk 00:55am Film 4

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