The best films on TV today: Saturday, 6 June

Embrace of the Serpent, Moana, The Life of Pi.
Embrace of the Serpent, Moana, Life of Pi.

Saturday is always a busy day on TV for movies, so let us be your guide, and allow us to separate the wheat from the chaff. Travel the world and choose from astonishing action, exceptional adventures and cracking comedes as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Saturday 6, June.

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Daughter of neglectful cheese-chomper aids bug eating boy's fiendish friends in delightfully dark, grotesque animated comedy The Boxtrolls 11:00am Channel 4

Culture clash precipitates breathtaking forbidden love as English widow is tasked with educating royal children in Anna and the King 11:00am Film4

After 26 years trapped in boardgame, Robin Williams is freed by curious kids in carnivorous creature comedy adventure Jumanji 1:20pm Channel 5

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Dozens of characters portray the brave men who helped secure allied victory in five interweaving tales of D-Day The Longest Day 2:00pm Film4

Robin Williams teaching a class in a scene from the film 'Dead Poets Society', 1989. (Photo by Touchstone Pictures/Getty Images)
Robin Williams teaching a class in a scene from the film 'Dead Poets Society', 1989. (Photo by Touchstone Pictures/Getty Images)

Teenage boys’ lives are forever changed under the marrow-supping, inspirational tutelage of Robin Williams in Peter Weir’s pathos driven masterwork Dead Poets Society 4:00pm Sony Movies

Wry, rage-fuelled relationship avoider incorporates accidental adoptee in transdimensional villain vamoosment The LEGO Batman Movie 5:05pm ITV2

Millennial magician tells tiny tots to take titular trinket to hellish hill The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 5:35pm 5 Star

Job seeking lady-magnet helps mecha-aliens and wingsuiters defeat despot in city demolishing Bay-hem Transformers: Dark of the Moon 5:45pm Film4

Faith and fear, tragedy and truth as a boy survives adrift at sea. Ang Lee's gracefully gargantuan tale of beauty and hope Life of Pi 6:55pm Channel 4

Indomitable Polynesian princess persuades obstinate demi-god to return mystical-MacGuffin in astute and irresistible exotic adventure Moana 5:50pm BBC One

Desert dudes dodge deadly onslaught of gargantuan underground graboids in bulldozing, bantering, splattery creature feature classic Tremors 6:35pm Horror Channel

In-laws offender steals mutagenic potion, is rescued by gingerbread-golem and supports his friend's dronky-love Shrek 2 7:10pm ITV2

WW2's American soldiers learn of the dehumanising fruits war delivers from both ends of the gun in character-led marvel The Victors 8:00pm Sony Movies Action

Failed baker's inadequacies ruin best-friendship in designer dress-soiling, puppy-stealing, cop-seducing lol comedy Bridesmaids 9:00pm ITV2

Sexy/schlubby self-proclaimed crime fighters battle beach corruption in wry, junk-trapped, tongue-in-cheek hilarity Baywatch 9:00pm Film4

Bed-bouncing, Tiger-footed, toe-balancing boy defies subterranean father and pursues passion to punch audition rivals in Billy Elliot 9:15pm BBC Four

Misfit finds family in flock of odd outcasts: Tim Burton’s exceptional, inventive, exquisite creep-show Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 9:15pm Channel 4

A bomb disposal expert becomes addicted to the danger of his profession at great personal cost in Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker 11:00pm BBC One

Seeking Philosopher’s Stone, alchemical cavers descend Paris’ catacombs to nadir of hell in claustrophobic creepfest As Above, So Below 11:15pm Film4

Matt Damon draws fire from his own fractious forces while truth seeking in mid war Iraq in top taut political thriller Green Zone 11:30pm Sky 1

Boy huntsman saves POTUS from repeated airplane assassinations in Sam Jackson pummelling, freezer flying Finnish fun Big Game 11:45pm Channel 4

Deviant Kiwi vampire flatmates bicker and bite in sandwich nuancing, horripilating hypnotic mockumentary marvel What We Do in the Shadows 00:20am BBC Two

Decades apart, Amazonian shaman guides two men seeking sacred flower into Heart Of Darkness in dreamlike wonder Embrace of the Serpent 1:05am Film4

Troubled woman and friends face hell aboard an abandoned ship in innovative brain bending, Sisyphean psychological horror Triangle 00:45am Horror Channel

Sisterly rivalry runs rife as team of female baseballers shatter gender expectations in sporting drama A League of Their Own 3:20am Sony Movies

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