The best films on TV: Sunday, 19 April

The LEGO Batman Movie, Hotel Mumbai, Napoleon Dynamite.

Deeply insightful gallows’ humour, nostalgic northern soul and island-bound psychological horror all feature today as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Sunday, 19 April.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Johnny Depp explores alienation, drenditic utensils and dirty dog grooming in Tim Burton's gothically iconic Edward Scissorhands 11am Film4

Wholly unique, hilarious, kitsch, endlessly quotable and profanity free fun as unknowingly uncool teen learns Rex Kwon Do, self actualises and gets the geek girl in Napoleon Dynamite 11:30am Comedy Central

Head-banging classic rock, nutty ex-GF’s, geeky friends, puerile puns and guitar worship in catchphrase comedy rhapsody in Wayne’s World 1:30pm Comedy Central

The Towering Inferno, poster, top: Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, bottom l-r: William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire, Susan Blakely, Richard Chamberlain, Jennifer Jones, O.J. Simpson, Robert Vaughn, Robert Wagner on poster art, 1974. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Sky-scraping party-goers and residents face death at every turn when a health and safety mishap leads to a disastrous The Towering Inferno 1:35pm ITV4

Bill Paxton, Philip Seymour Hoffman and their eccentric friends chase cattle bemusing, father murdering tornadoes in meteorological fun Twister 12:50pm ITV 1

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Wry, rage fuelled relationship avoider incorporates accidental adoptee in transdimensional villain vamoosement The Lego Batman Movie 4:30pm ITV 2

Chinese sheriff and American gigolo prat fall, kung fu and pillow fight around London in anachronistic action comedy Shanghai Knights 4:35pm Sony Movies

Clint Eastwood joins an operation to raid a nazi strong hold as plans within plans start to unravel in Where Eagles Dare 5:45pm ITV 4

Michael Tucci, Barry Pearl, Jeff Conaway, John Travolta and others dance in a scene from the film 'Grease', 1978. (Photo by Paramount/Getty Images)

Fast food, rude boys, gang fights, black tights, car races, girl chases, musical parley and a flying finale in Grease 5:50pm Channel 4

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson rescues gangster's son from Christopher Walken's gold mine in toxic fruit-feeding, rebel-rousing fun Welcome To The Jungle 9pm Comedy Central

Amid island isolation and global pandemic, fraying miscarried marriage endures test of trust under yoke of menacing captor Retreat 9pm Horror Channel

Hundreds of guests and hotel staff endure long night's malevolent, unimpeded onslaught of violence and terror in brutally unflinching true story Hotel Mumbai 9:00pm Sky Atlantic

Musically mused oedipal getaway kid defies his killer colleagues in deviously deft, funk-fuelled frenetic wheel spinner Baby Driver 9pm Sony Movies

Flaky drunk and cloistered mum inflict inadvertent reign of murderous chaos upon Colombian kidnappers in undignified comedy Snatched 9pm Film4

Pregnant policewoman tracks Minnesota murderers as a belittled son-in-law's simple plan unravels in the Coen brothers’ flawless film Fargo 10pm ITV 4

Close knit small town friend's lives are eviscerated by traumas of war in Russian rouletting, unsettling drama The Deer Hunter 11:30pm BBC 1

American actors John Cazale, Chuck Aspegren, Christopher Walken, Robert de Niro and John Savage on the set of The Deer Hunter, written and directed by Michael Cimino. (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Jewish comedians explore how holocaust humour originated in the darkest of places to provide ultimate psychological revenge in taboo treading documentary The Last Laugh 00:00am Sky Arts 1

Admitted to psych-ward, disillusioned misfit free-loving 1960s teen befriends rebellious charismatic misanthrope Girl, Interrupted 1:10am Sony Movies

Lancashire lads chase dream of discovering rare Motown records in amphetamine-fuelled test of loyalty and friendship Northern Soul 00:25am Channel 4

Aspiring documentarian and her pubescent rap brother spend unsettling week with scuttling grandparents in Jungian creepfest The Visit 2:05am Film4

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