The best films on TV today: Sunday, 7 June

Last Action Hero, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Joy.

This Sunday, settle down on the sofa and enjoy Oscar-winning dramas, bittersweet coming of age tales, kiwi comedies and bona fide blockbusters as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Sunday, 7 June.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Family of blue birds transition to wild Amazonian environs amid chaos of unsavoury logging, poisonous love and an evil Nigel in Rio 2 11:55am Film4

Cake-smashing, waffle-trapping, broomstick-joyriding, ogre-fighting alternative history shenanigans in Shrek Forever After 2:55pm Film4

Emotionally broken, morbid aspiring poet and a hypochondriac outcast form fast friendship in bittersweet tear jerker My Girl 2:45pm Sony Movies

American actor Marlon Brando on the set of Guys and Dolls, directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. (Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Marlon Brando takes woman to Havana and finds Luck Be A Lady in Frank Sinatra's craps game Guys and Dolls 3:50pm BBC Two

Foolish humans visit dino-island providing many meaty snacks for cunning, flying and giant-poo pooing lizards Jurassic Park III 4:30pm ITV1

Join us on Monday, 8 June at 8:30pm for a live Q&A with Simon Bird, Monica Dolan, Earl Cave hosted by Edith Bowman for the release of Days of the Bagnold Summer.

Selfish journo's recurring day of hopelessness evolves into revelation of selflessness and love in Zen-like comedy Groundhog Day 6:55pm Sony Movies

Having saved dinosaurs from volcanic extinction, ex-lovers must save them from humanity in prehistoric-heroic tooth and claw adventure Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 7:30pm ITV1

Loss, love and life shatter in visually magnificent sensory explosion of Pink Floyd’s cathartic concept album tour Roger Waters: The Wall 9:00pm Sky Arts

Lonely girl’s tentative friendship with bed-bound boy reveals his over-bearing mother’s dark, menacing secret Can't Come Out to Play 9:00pm Horror Channel

Arnie-obsessed kid escapes into filmic reality unleashing evil of Charles Dance upon world he left behind in prophetically meta, underappreciated gem Last Action Hero 9:00pm SyFy

Confronted by orally obsessed officer, lazy lawyer grows a conscience in truth-not-handling court room powerhouse A Few Good Men 9:00pm 5 Star

Matchstick counting savant is exploited by greedy brother before he learns fraternal love in Oscar-winning drama Rain Man 11:50pm 5 Star

"Rain Man" starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise a 1988 American comedy-drama film. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty images)

Working mother overcomes failure, fraudsters and frustration with boundless self-belief and acumen in mop to millionaire true tale Joy 11:15pm Channel 4

Inconceivably idiotic duo roadtrip for kidney in car-cartwheeling, conference-crashing, joke-scatter-gunning fun Dumb and Dumber To 11:25pm Film4

Young man struggles with his place in the world as two tribes go to war in cult British muso-youth culture classic Quadrophenia 1:35am Film4

Bored backwater sheriff begins affair with moonshiner’s daughter precipitating ruination of his life, morals and reputation in forgotten classic I Walk the Line 2:05am Talking Pictures TV

Kiwi geneticist's mutant flock unleashes onslaught of carnivorous were-sheep: offal-pit diving irreverent gore-comedy Black Sheep 2:35am Horror Channel

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