The best films on TV today: Thursday, 11 June

Lucy, Fury, X-Men 2

Equality, oppression, love and violence are all on offer today as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Thursday, 11 June.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Shunned minority battle for recognition and equality to proclaim "We're here to stay" in super-powered coming-out allegory X-Men 2 6:25pm Film4

Young traveller discovers secret paradise but finds the bohemian lifestyle can’t last forever in Danny Boyle's enthralling exotic adventure The Beach 9:00pm Sony Movies

Numerically challenged chap and big-eyed girl find friend-sex and flash mobs in atypical, quick quipping comedy Friends With Benefits 9:00pm Comedy Central

Fundamental misunderstanding of neurology causes dying drug-mule to hallucinate her delusion of grandeur in spectacular fun Lucy 9:00pm Film4

Extraordinarily talented young jazz singer's joie de vivre turns to self destruction under crushing consequences of her fame Amy 10:00pm Channel 4

70s nerd’s Fury-ous obsession with killer car transforms him into maniacal misanthropic miscreant in John Carpenter’s Christine 10:35pm Horror Channel

Prosaic penis exposition, tall toilet tales and consequence of violence frame elegant, eloquent neo-noir perfection in Reservoir Dogs 10:45pm Film4

Under crushing brutality of total war, tank-crew grind through Germany in unflinching, unrelenting, ballistic and intense drama Fury 11:00pm ITV4

Bereft fraudster clairvoyant orchestrates kidnapping to prove her powers only to spiral into self-delusion Seance on a Wet Afternoon 11:45pm Talking Pictures TV

Horse race heist gang's perfect plan crumbles under unforeseen details in Kubrick's narratively innovative twister The Killing 00:40am Film4

Released from juvenile detention on eve of 18, young African-American girl seeks uncertain future with 10 y/o sister in affecting, essential and astonishing drama Night Comes On 2:20am Film 4

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