The best films on TV: Thursday, 23 April

Rocky IV, Lowlife, Drive.

An island romance, a synthwave-scored neon-noir and an anarchic, unhinged luchador caper all feature as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Thursday, 23 April.

Stranded on a pacific island paradise, a marine and a nun’s fractious relationship develops into love in Heaven Knows Mr Allison 11am Film4

Brave reporter uncovers suspicious cost cutting and safety failures at nuclear power plant in prophetic thriller The China Syndrome 3:50pm Sony Movies Action

Aural abuse of aliens and selenium enema administration when freaky foreign fungus forms fiendish fauna in madcap comedy Evolution 5pm Sony Movies

Wry, rage-fuelled relationship avoider incorporates accidental adoptee in trans-dimensional villain vamoosment The Lego Batman Movie 5:55pm ITV 2

Time tripping berserker mentors morose mutant to prevent genocidal apocalypse in character arcing Marvel romp X-Men: Days Of Future Past 6:25pm Film4

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Bio-IT-integrated arms engineer and badass marines face robotic AI-onslaught in visually stunning frenetic ballistic fun Kill Command 9pm Horror Channel

Denzel Washington bends space and time to prevent atrocity that already happened in Tony Scott's high concept Schrodinger’s box Deja Vu 9pm Sony Movies

Snowbound montage maker Sly Stallone ends the cold war by sacrificing friend to robotic Russian ‘roid abuser, before public sports bludgeoning in Rocky IV 9pm ITV 4

Cabaret, lobbycard, Liza Minnelli, 1972. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Sexy, creepy, genre-redefining, polygamous, homoerotic, socio-political musical masterpiece in the ground-breaking Cabaret 9pm Talking Pictures

Timid, self-harming aspiring actress gives up her dignity for promise of stardom: maggot-puking, skull crushing curio Starry Eyes 11pm Horror Channel

Just out of prison The Rock evades drug-withdrawn cop and philosophical killer whilst making good on his personal kill-list Faster 10:30pm Sony Movies

Lives of a failed luchador, an awfully tattooed criminal and a regretful mother collide amid human trafficker's organ harvesting scheme in anarchic Tarantino-esque crime caper Lowlife 00:05am Film 4

Kiwi geneticist's mutant flock unleashes onslaught of carnivorous were-sheep in offal-pit diving irreverent gore-comedy Black Sheep 00:55am Horror Channel

Stoic, sociopathic, scorpionesque stuntman lets his heels and wheels do the talking in romantic, skull crushing, synthwave scored neon-noir Drive 1:25am Sony Movies

Whisky swilling hit man and useless cop track down bad guy in Walter Hill's sexy masquerading, axe fighting gun-fun Bullet To The Head 2am Film4

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